Wednesday, April 12, 2017

And The Beat Goes On

As we start the move into the next weekend I feel like I've been on a treadmill going nowhere fast! Our trips to Cleveland are at a standstill for a few weeks.  Easter is fast approaching  and work is an up and down roller coaster.  Yesterday I had already logged 12,000 steps before I even hit the exit elevator! I was on call the weekend but thankfully it was quiet.  But here's how the past weekend started out:
Friday we had a dose of the white stuff.  In fact it was a level one snow alert.
The jeep was ready for takeoff as I've been driving Jack to work until he can do that himself. He's improving daily and for that we're very thankful. So Friday was a mess but then Saturday and Sunday were this:
Yep, snow all gone and temps in the 70's.  Besides the crazed weather the warm air brings about the frantic antics of wasps...they're everywhere outside looking for a place to built a home I guess. The bad part is they find their way into the house every now and then and the now was Saturday morning and the place was the bottom of my foot. YIKES! I said a few choice words as I hopped around in pain...not even realizing I could hop! It calmed down with some ice and I was able to resume my Saturday running and grocery shopping.  Sunday came and we took back a special chair Jack was using during his head down time.  As he got out of the car to help get it out of the back the wind caught the passenger door and broke it.  I was very ready for the weekend to be over.  Our go to mechanic is on vacation but he promised to look at the car door next week.  So as the beat goes on here at the Pines I do hope this weekend is less painful and not as windy! It's Easter after all and I love that special time.  Hope yours is great too! P. S.. .A big thanks to my sweet Mom and Sis for the package of Greek Easter bread and Greek cookies...a taste of my past was fun today!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

That's a pretty new header for spring! I am very happy to learn that Jack continues to improve. I am not happy to learn that you apparently stepped on a wasp in the house in your bare feet and got stung, or that the wind broke your car door. Seems your weather takes a walk on the wild side every year around this time. What a difference a day or two made in the look of the landscape, from white to green. I hope spring is here to stay now. Down here most of the days are warm but breezy and bearable. The extreme humidity hasn't set in yet. On my daily walk to get the mail I pass a tree and a friendly squirrel greets me at its base. The critter has learned that I carry with me a baggie filled with shelled walnuts and that I always toss a few his way. I love to stand there and watch him holding the nuts in his little paws and chewing away.

I wish you and your family a very happy Easter, dear friend YaYa!

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

So glad to hear that Jack is doing well. What a huge difference in weather! It's always crazy in the Spring around hear too.
Have a very Happy Easter!

betty said...

That's why when I lived in Montana I loved the March (into April) snows. They never stayed around long though could wreck havoc on driving, etc. The goodies you got from your mom/sister sound delicious! Always good to have a taste from home and traditional food to celebrate Easter. That had to be some type of wind to take the door off the car! I want to put a pedometer on my grandson. When he's over here, I'm sure he does at least 12,000 steps if not more :)

Happy Easter!


acorn hollow said...

Glad to hear your husband is progressing. so sorry to hear of all your other things.
Our snow is melting slowly and in honor of our egg hunt I hope it speeds up.
Also glad to hear I am not the only person who fears the self clean oven:)

Julia said...

Talk about crazy weather.... I'm glad the snow is all gone. Ours is almost all gone except snowdrifts in the shaded areas.

I'm glad that Jack is improving but talk about a string of bad luck. Lets hope it's all going to be good luck from now on....Sorry about the broken door and wasp sting but if you have to hop, it may as well be around Easter. You're the Real Easter Bunny aren't you? I'm sure Jack will agree.
Happy Easter.
Hugs. Julia

Rick Watson said...

Your weather swings as badly as ours here in Alabama. My fig tree had bushed out and a late frost bit it back. Thankfully it's coming back out.

Stacy Crawford said...

Crazy week. I hope things perk up for you!