Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

I love Easter and yesterday was such a nice day to celebrate.  After Church we gathered with a few of the kids and only 2 Grands but it was still fun.  Jack and Evelyn got back from Alabama and Florida on Saturday so they were able to come over for food and fun but their kiddos had Easter with the other side of the family and couldn't make it. Phil and his girls were here and Jordan too, but I fell short of my picture taking so here are just a few pics of the day.  Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!
Lamb cake as always.  It's a tradition from childhood that I've carried on with my family.
Weather was lovely! It was warm and the predicted rain never happened. Thankfully!
Addy and Peter Rabbit!
Lex ready for the egg hunt.
Walking the rails for the goodies!
Eggs grow on trees? These eggs did!
Putting all your eggs in one basket...this time it's a good thing! Happy Easter!


joeh said...

Love a good Easter egg hunt!

betty said...

Looked like the weather was gorgeous! Sounds like a lovely day!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I was wondering how your family's Easter went. Thanks for filing a report. At first glance I thought that lamb cake was Chubbsie! :) That's great to have a family tradition to pass down to the young ones. I am happy to learn that your weather is turning nice and springy and glad to see the trees on your property coming alive with color. (This is the time of year when a young Yeti's thoughts turn to love, and I'm thinking he might be sweet on you, so watch out! :) It's nice to see Addy and Lexi again and to know that they participated in an Easter egg hunt, another holiday tradition worth preserving. I have many happy memories of taking part in egg hunts in vacant lots, fields and parks in my neighborhood, sponsored by the Lions Club. Ever year in advance of the event families gathered and painted dozens of hard boiled eggs using packs of colored dyes and Q-tips. It was great fun.

Tomorrow is a very special day on the Shady Dell calendar and I hope you can stop by and leave a comment for a wonderful lady you have come to know in your years of following SDMM. Thank you very much, dear friend Yaya!

Julia said...

Wow, beautiful everything. I see beautiful girls hunting eggs in the beautiful green grass in their sandals... flowering trees and blue flowers, even the yellow dandelions. My mother in law had a lamb cake pan just like your cake. A sweet tradition.
It rained here but we had a houseful of fun just the same.
Hugs, Julia

Kay G. said...

Your lamb cake!! I want to make one SO BAD!!!

Becky Jerdee said...

Glad for your happy Easter! We had a lovely one, most surprising was when ALL of us turned up for church at the same time and sat together in one row! Hubby said to me, "Look what we made!"

Stacy Crawford said...

I just love April Easters were weather is beautiful! Looks like you had a great one.

gin said...

A beautiful day for you with some family and good weather. The lamb cake caught my attention!!

Ibu said...

it seems to me that you are having so much fun. Happy Easter Lala!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I'm here! I loved the pictures of the girls, just adorable, and their baskets..sooo Easter Sunday. I've always loved Easter..wonderful memories and making more. You sound GOOD!