Sunday, November 20, 2016

It Was Bound To Happen

I'll admit it.  Last winter we had it easy.  Warm for most of the season with only an occasional snowfall.  Not many school cancellations and driving to work was smooth sailing.  We weren't sure  what to expect this year since the forecast was calling for a bad winter than changed it's mind to a more mild one.  Anywho...yesterday said a different story.  It had been very nice all week.  It was 73de on Friday, I kid you not.  Turn that number around and drop a few points and that has been Saturday and today.  Saturday around noon it started out like this:

See the flakes in the air?  The wind was very brisk.  I made a pot of chili and had a roast in the crock pot for today's dinner.  Homemade bread too! Jack had been busy the day before cleaning the chimney and getting ready for what I call "wood season".
The smoke from the chimney announcing the start of a new season...a bit like Rome when a  new Pope is announced!  So it was bound to happen as it does every year...Winter rudely moves into Fall. The other "it was bound to happen" segment of the weekend was the annual holiday parade. It's held at night and I will say it was very chilly...OK, it was actually DARN COLD!  But I had to go anyway!

Floats, music and candy throwers made it festive.  The snow made it seem like Christmas had arrived.
I really don't decorate until December and hate when Thanksgiving gets tossed aside but I guess businesses need to get the hype out early! Time to shop folks!
Yes, Santa made his appearance too.  It was a nice parade and very well attended.  The Ashland Historical Society had an open house going on too so I trudged down the street after the  parade to see the house all decorated.
As you can see the snow was now sticking to the ground.  The inside of the house smelled like gingerbread as they were making cookies for anyone to enjoy.
The inside was very pretty. This past summer when Mom and Midge were visiting we took a similar tour.  I had to revisit the toy room again.  I don't remember if I blogged about our little paranormal experience we had in that room.  We were commenting on the creepy looking dolls in that room when a cabinet door opened all on it's own.  So I went back to the scene of the crime:
Well, no doors opened and as I was again thinking how creepy that doll looked I noticed a puppet on the wall started swinging and swaying...all on it's own.  There was another puppet next to it but it was perfectly still.  Yep, time to head out for home!
The snow was really coming down by now and I was glad to see this sign!

Can you see the house through the snowflakes?

Snow on the ground this morning was not too bad... like a light dusting.
But the pumpkins were not happy with their snowcaps!  Well, it was bound to happen....


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Yessum, you had a very easy winter last year and this year winter's getting an early start in your region. The snow is very pretty to look at but I know it creates headaches for you guys. I can't believe that sudden swing in temperature. You were brave to endure the cold to watch the community parade. There must be a draft in the toy room of the Ashland Historical Society to make doors open and puppets swing. You would know that theory is flawed if one of those dolls got up and started marching toward you. :)

Thank you for showing us mother nature's sneak preview of winter wonderland, dear friend YaYa!

betty said...

What a fun parade and evening except for the puppet, that would creep me out too! That is a definite turning of the temps. I hope it is not how the rest of the winter will be!


acorn hollow said...

spooky! was near the washer this morning putting in a load when someone knocked on the door. Being in my pjs I run for Husband, No one was at the door? we are in the woods so it is not like they ran. what does that mean?
We are getting snow tonight I think just a dusting.

gin said...

Snow!!!! It came just in time for yalls holiday festivities. The fire and snow and parades are sure signs of the new season.


Like you, I knew it was bound to happen but I wasn't quite ready. That weather caught us off guard. Spoiled is how I felt the last week. Not today. Or yesterday. The wind was so rough yesterday I got blown into and out of church when I went. II don't like that wind blown look when it takes me longer and longer to get the hair into place! I'm wondering now what we're in for this winter as i live just outside Columbus, Ohio. We had a few flakes over the week end but not much. For awhile it looked like shiny round white beads coming down. I am with you. I want to enjoy Thanksgiving. Turkey pumpkin pie and all the trimming without seeing the Christmas tree in the corner. I enjoy this week and next and then Dec. ! I'll start to think about the next holiday. Although I have to admit I'm playing Christmas carols and listening to them on the radio. Love the carols. And you for sharing such a fun time at your town festival. I've just finished another novel and now am trying to catch up blogs. Hugs, Barb


Oh, I meant to comment on your chance encounter with a possible ghost. I absolutely believe they can move things around. IF THEY WISH.

Kim said...

No snow here yet. Your pics are pretty though. Our Santa parade was Saturday night and it poured rain. Such a shame but lots of people still came out. Happy thanksgiving this week

Susan Anderson said...

What a cool post! And a little bit freaky with the toys!