Friday, November 11, 2016

Thank You For Serving

Every Veteran's Day I try to get a post out to thank all who have served our country in the Armed Forces.  Your service is appreciated and your sacrifice makes you heroes.  Some of the physicians I work with here in Ashland have served in the Army or Air Force.  Nurses too have served.  I'm sure many of the Docs I worked with 40yrs ago in Chicago were Servicemen and I know some of the nurses and techs I worked with back then served also...mostly in Vietnam.   Truly heroes all.  Thank you so much.  Of course I could not let a post go by that I didn't thank my Dad for serving in WWII.  He passed away 40yrs ago this month.  Doesn't seem possible. He will always be larger than life in my memories.
This is him in front of he tank he drove..(he has the x over his head!)  I found this pic he took in the war.  Berlin bombed out:
An amazing photo.   My two older brothers served during the Vietnam conflict.  I don't have any photos of them in their uniforms.  Today my Sister-in-Law posted this one on Facebook of my brother Greg.  He was a Marine and served in Vietnam.  So Handsome and we were so lucky to have him come home safe and sound.
My oldest brother, Phil, served in the Army at the same time as Greg. He was stationed in Thailand.  I wish I had a photo of him in uniform.  I know Mom does and I guess I'll have to get it so I can give him his blog worthy share!  I know he sometimes reads my posts and if you do dear brother, know I'm so proud of you!  At this very turbulent time after elections I do hope we can settle down to the business of loving one another more, fighting less, doing more good in our communities, uniting our families, and getting on our knees to ask for help from the only One who can give us peace.  We have a wonderful country full of valuable resources, fabulous technology, beautiful diversities of race, religion and cultures.  Even our poorest have more than the poor in many other countries.  I don't understand wanting to leave it and walk away into another country because you didn't get what you wanted from this election instead of staying and actually contributing to ways to make improvements. Good luck to those that do leave and please don't let the flag hit you in the rear on your way out.  For the rest of us lets join hands and show the world we are the best and don't ever forget the men and women who fought to make it that way.  Hug a Veteran today and everyday if you have the chance!  God Bless America!


Shady Del Knight said...

This is another great tribute honoring your dad, your brothers and all of our veterans, YaYa, and I enjoyed looking at the old pictures. Thank you.

betty said...

Very handsome man your dad was! I do feel for those that served in Vietnam; they came home to a very strange hostile world and they were only doing their jobs assigned to them. I did get the opportunity to thank a vet that served in Vietnam today; total stranger, random encounter, but it felt "good" to thank someone for their faithful service to our country; something I'm not sure I would have been capable of or wanted any immediate families involved in, though FIL served in the Navy for 24 years and my dad was in the Polish army during WW2 and ended up in a prisoner of war camp in Germany.

Our country needs to find a way to be united again; I think it will only come from prayer myself :)


Rick Watson said...

Great tribute Yaya.

gin said...

Thankful for all those who served.

Donna said...

Well said! You should be a writer!