Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th Fun!

Welcome July! Along with that welcome we welcomed a visit by my Mom and my sister, Midge. 
They arrived Friday afternoon and will go home tomorrow. This visit was so nice and quiet for us.  Although my boys and their kiddos came by at different times and we had a few cookouts and was nice to have time to sit and chat and mostly just enjoy this wonderful weekend.  The weather has been cool and lovely.
We sat around the fire Friday and cooked our dinner and just relaxed until dark and chill drove us indoors.
We went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday.
No, we didn't come by buggy!
Or horse!!  We went downtown afterwards and saw the end of the annual "push 'em, pull 'em parade.
The kids in town all dress up in their red, white, and blue, and walk down the street and show their patriotism!  (They even bring their pets!)  It's fun to see the little ones in strollers and the bigger ones on bikes.  It reminds me of my own childhood when we always had a kid parade through the town.  While Mom was getting a Chiro treatment from Jack, Midge and I hiked downtown to a cute little place called "Downtown Perk". 
Lots of old Ashland pics, signs and good coffee and muffins! I don't drink coffee but the day was cool enough for a hot cocoa...yum! The day was filled with some shopping, and visits from Grandkiddos.
Sunday found us taking in the annual icecream social at the Historical Society. I didn't have my camera so no good pics there.  In the evening we went to the park for the "Pops in the Park" concert.  It's always a good time to sit and enjoy the music.
Just bring your chairs and sit and relax. That's me in the middle! Hehe!
As always it was fabulous! Lots of good tunes and patriotic songs and songs to honor every branch of military service. 
At the end the cannons go off for the 1812 Overture and the sparklers come out for "God Bless America".  Very small town fun! 
Jack left this morning for Scout Camp. He spent most of the weekend getting ready.  When the tent goes up, you know it's camp time soon.  Hope your week is a good one Babe!  So today it's just Mom, Midge and I.  Phil and the girls stopped by to shoot off some fireworks and visit with us.
Run guys!
Lex is getting good at driving.  They drove all over and picked up the remains of the fireworks.  Good, I hate when I run over the stuff  with the mower!  I think we'll pass on the fireworks tonight since the crowds get pretty heavy and parking is a challenge.  Mom's done really well tromping around town with us but I'd hate to put her through the paces tonight...she's 90 after all...although I have a hard time remembering that! I'll miss them both when they leave tomorrow.  Even Chubbs will be sad!
I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th and thanks to all who serve our wonderful country and who have served to make it possible to celebrate our freedoms!  Happy July 4th!  God Bless America!


dstarkey said...

How great that your mom and sister were here! Looks like a wonderful weekend with lots of family fun! We had the same but went to different events....Balloonfest etc. Glad it was a good one for you!

Laurie said...

Ahhh, I'm happy for you that your mom is visiting. Looks like y'all had a great weekend and fourth. We didn't need sweaters or jackets in these parts. It was 101 degrees F for two days in a row. The only saving grace, besides staying indoors all day, was to jump in the lake. And, I did. Lol!!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

When I read words like "chill drove us indoors" and "the day was cool enough for a hot cocoa" I thought you accidentally reran a January post. :) A chill on the 4th of July? Did the Yeti in the woods see his shadow and predict a snowstorm this coming weekend? :) You were fortunate to have your mother and sis visiting the Pines for the holiday. I swear your mother never ages a day. She looks marvelous! Seems to me that coffee shop Downtown Perk would make a great setting for a new TV series about a group of 20-something friends...(or has that idea already been used? :) As I read your post and looked at pictures of the parade and the Pops in the Park concert I thought back to my own youth and how much a part of my life those activities were. Thank you! If Jack is heading for Scout Camp you know what that means - look out for day after day of t-storms. :) That last picture of your mother petting Chubbsie is one of the greatest images you ever put on your blog - heartwarming!

Thank you for sharing highlights of your family's Indepedence Day celebrations, dear friend YaYa. You have a lovely family and every reason to be thankful. Enjoy the rest of your week!

betty said...

You guys sure did a lot in the weekend! Sounded like lots of fun too with the added bonus of being able to share the time with your mom and sister!


rosaria williams said...

So good to see your Mom up and about. It does put us all in our places, doesn't it? You have a beautiful family, young and old caring and sharing and enjoying each other's company. Nothing is more important.

Munir said...

You must be on top of your world with your Mom and your sister visiting. Your Mom is adorable. Give her and your sister my regards.

We had a good fourth of July too.

We see a lot of young people around in their fatigues as we live close enough to West Point Military Academy and we are reminded that this country's Independence has a very dear cost. Every day I think about their families who have sent these young people to join this academy and others like this one through out the USA.

I pray for the day when there is peace on this Earth. Then may be the number of people needed in the army can be reduced.

gin said...

Sometimes that's the best visits when we take time to just stay, sit, and enjoy each other at home. You're blessed to have a mom so active and beautiful.

acorn hollow said...

Looks like a great holiday and how wonderful you had such a great time with your mom.

Becky Jerdee said...

Wow, you really know how to do Independence Day...such an all-American vibe to this post! We celebrated by going back to our old condo where we always watched fireworks together. The Des Moines Country Club puts on a fabulous display that we watch from the hills outside the golf course. Beautiful, bug-free evening with the family.

lee woo said...

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Sweet Tea said...

What a great time with your family.
You know I'm a big fan of your Moms - she inspires me.
What a woman. You've got some great genes, Girl!