Sunday, July 10, 2016

Camp Week

Last week was a short work week.  I had Monday off for the holiday and Tuesday off to say bye to Mom and my sister.  Why then did it feel like the longest week ever? The workplace was busy and a bit crazy.  We even had a Doctor collapse on us and we had to cancel all his surgeries for that day. (He's fine now!)  Maybe because Jack was at Scout Camp all week and I'm not fond of being home alone at night.  I hear every bump and rattle and don't sleep to great.  But he came home yesterday and had a good camp week with the kids.  It was a hot one with  a teeny bit of rain the first day.  He survived however.   There weren't as many kids this year as in the past.  It's funny about kids these days.  It's hard to get them away from electronics and sports.  Only 2 troops participated in skit night.  I find that so sad.  No one can think of something completely silly to do? No imagination?  No letting loose for one night?  Anyway, the ones who did participate had fun and the camp had it's usual activities available for all who wanted to have fun and learn some things.
Welcome sign.
Beautiful setting with a fun lake for lake games and fishing and swimming.
Food served in the new dining hall.
Fun slides with soap and water and a hill.
Service projects are done all week by the scouts and also the leaders.
A crazy pinewood derby that made the guys use some imagination after all! I feature  camp posts most years.  They always go during July 4th week and I've gotten used to not having Jack around on that holiday unless it falls on a Saturday or Sunday.  I'm not sure how many more years he'll be going.  He wants to go next year to help the camp celebrate 50yrs at that scout reservation.  Scouting is changing and money makes it necessary to close camps and combine counsels.  It's a good organization that if parents and the kids would get behind it and really understand and enjoy what it has to offer, it would be a real benefit to the boys and their futures.  Not every boy makes Eagle Scout but no matter the rank they achieve it teaches valuable lessons.  I hope they all enjoyed the week and the activities and the time away from the phone, TV, and internet!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I'm happy to know that Jack made it back home from Scout Camp safely. I'm surprised there were no gully washers as in other years. I was in cub scouts and boy scouts and did lots of camping. I enjoyed learning skills and earning merit badges. It seems sad to think that scouting is not as popular as it was in the mid 20th century and that fewer of today's young men are reaping its benefits, choosing instead to spent most of their time playing with electronic games and devices. The same is true of imagination. Some young people simply don't know how to use theirs and that too is sad. The times they are a changin'.

I wish you and your family a very happy week ahead, dear friend YaYa!

acorn hollow said...

sounds like those who went had a good time. I am with you it seemed as if last week was very long not looking forward to this week (a full week.)

betty said...

While technology is wonderful, it is sad that it has taken the place of something like a worthy organization of scouting. Lots of good things learned there if kids take advantage of it. Glad some parents still find value in having their kids participate in such an event and good that Jack is willing to take time out of his schedule to help put camp on there! I know what you mean; I never do well when hubby is out of town when it comes to sleep. I too hear every little noise :)


gin said...

Scouting is a great tradition, hope it gets a new wind to reach those young boys. I kinda like being home alone once in a while. Which is never these days. But was nice now and then when the hubs was working. Am I strange? Your header picture is awesome!!!

Paul Forster said...

Kids face more challenges these days with all the distractions of the easy life. Sounds like scouts is a wonderful organisation to be part of.

Kay G. said...

I very much miss my boy's Boy Scout days! My co workers used to tease me that I was a very good Scout! :-)

Rick Watson said...

I wish I had participated in Boy Scouts when I was young. But I didn't make it a priority and it didn't happen. I still have my younger brother's Boy Scout book a that I love to read.

Hilary said...

My kids grew up with internet technology but not like it exists today. Thankfully, they spent more time outside doing real world things. This looks like a great event for all. Hopefully there will be many more years of scouting events to come. Times do change though.