Sunday, July 31, 2016


Our area is in a moderate drought.  Someone must have said some powerful prayers because we finally had a few days of some really nice rain.
See the big drops?
How about now? It didn't really cool things off because the temps weren't that bad.  What it did do was make it more humid.  But that's OK because I was so happy for the farmers that need it and for my grass that wanted it!   Last night Jack said we had a visitor.
Hello Deer!  Then I realized this beauty wasn't alone.
Bambi perhaps?
They watched me watching them watch my garden.  I sure hope they stay in the Creepy Woods where I can still have good feelings about them! (I better not catch them snatching a treat from the my almost ready produce!)
We planted a couple of apple trees a few years ago and this is the first fruit we've gotten.  We only have 3 but they carry with them the promise of Fall.  Not quite big enough to pick. Hope we get there before Bambi and her Mommy! 


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Yaya!

For most of the 32+ years I have lived in Florida, the meteorologists have been reporting varying degrees of drought across the peninsula. From their weather casts I have learned that "moderate drought" is code for "not too awfully bad." In other words, they usually throw around terms like "serious", "severe" or "extreme" drought. I'm glad your farms and lawns are getting some relief.

That is a beautiful family of deer and excellent images of them! I know deer enjoy munching on apples because my dad used to snap nighttime flash pictures of them devouring apples just outside the log cabin where we vacationed in summer. I hope those deer find enough food w/o stealing your crops.

Have a wonderful week, dear friend YaYa!

acorn hollow said...

The deer have been visiting my garden and eating my hosta little brats. We are getting more rain today which we needed. you apple reminds me of fall which I am looking forward to. But not looking forward to the snow.

betty said...

Delicious looking apple! That rain looks like it was refreshing; glad your area got some :) What cute visitors you had.


joeh said...

I'm sure Bambi is eyeing the apple.

gin said...

Your forest friends are the cutest! Leave them something out to eat and maybe they'll leave your prized apples alone.

Kay G. said...

Nothing is so welcome as rain during a drought!
My dear, I am so happy you got some!

Laurie said...

Yay for rain!!! I asked Cliff to fence my garden in because I have no doubt the deer would have riddled it. Maybe they want bother yours since its mature now. But something you might try is shaving a bar of Irish Spring soap around the perimeter. My father-in-law told me this a few years ago and it worked to keep them away from hostas. Your apple looks good. Hope you get many more.

Munir said...

It must be a great feeling to see the first fruit of your tree. Reminds me of home, where my father would eagerly wait to see the first Guava or even the first vegetables from the seasonal corner of our yard when we were growing up.
That deer and it's baby are so cute. May be you can leave some store bought fruit for them so they don't come to pick your apples.
Rain is good when it is gentle and I am glad that you guys had some. We had tons, enough to form a lake in parking lots.

Susan Anderson said...

My friend has deer that eat her garden all the time. She still can't help but love them, but it's a bit harder...