Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Time And The Living Is......

Summer time and the living is DANG HOT! It's also dang dry.  Just ask Fern:
Not looking so good.  Either is my neighbor's yard. 
Mine isn't much better but theirs really spoke to "DRY" to me!  However, the weeds seem to survive this hot dry spell we're having this year.
They look just fine!  In our yard we're watering the flowers faithfully.
These seem to be surviving.  The planting area across the driveway looks stressed out.
I looked at my hydrangea and it's nice and lush and green.
Notice however that no blooms are visible..or are they?  Look closely and you'll see one lonely blue bloom.
Hello my pretty! So pretty it felt wrong to cover it back up so I cut it so we can enjoy it's loveliness!
It will hold a place of honor!  With the very cool and wet Spring we had I couldn't believe it when everyone...well the Farmer's Almanac anyway...was predicting a hot and dry Summer.  It wasn't wrong but I was really happy to see this happening on Sunday:
Can you see the rain dripping from the gazebo? We need about a good weeks worth to make the farmer's happy and to hear my grass sing praises!  Until then I'll let this lady keep praying for us.
And I hope she keeps praying for the half baked hosta next to her!
Good night all...don't bother calling on that telephone line...I'm heading to bed!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

My goodness, you guys are really getting baked up there! I know the drought is bad when you tell us you were happy to see rain on a weekend when you could have had an outdoor cookout and the grandkiddos could have been splashing in the pool. Your flower bed is a very attractive display indeed, a reflection of the amount of care and water you give it. Your weeds are lookin' mighty good, too! :) You should have called this post "Summer Time and the Living is Sneezy!" :)

Mrs. Shady is gazebo crazy. Whenever we go shopping she swoons over the gazebos for sale. If she could have her way we'd have a dozen of them.

I hope the rest of your Ohio summer offers a mixed bag - a balance of sunshine (on weekends) and rain (on weekdays). That way everyone will be happy. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend YaYa!

betty said...

Such a pretty sunset! I do hope relief with rain and cooler temps come soon. We are waiting for our monsoon season to hit, needing the rain too. Stay as cool as you can.


acorn hollow said...

We have had some rain I think not as much as we usually have. But we are hot for days and days and I am over it. I don't usually try to rush the seasons ok maybe winter but I am ready for cooler and dryer air.

Julia said...

Oh my, it looks like you have really been hit with lack of rain but you are doing better than your neighbours. Their grass may be cut too low for the hot dry summer. We've been lucky that we've been getting a good mixture of sun and rain. My husband said that the hay crop this year surpasses last year. He's not finished haying yet and he's already over 3000 big round bales harvested. It's been a busy summer for me but I'm getting things crossed of my long unending to-do-list. Busy cooking meals for the guys. I wish you were here... I'm getting tired of cooking 6 days a week for them and non stop weeding.
Hope you get a good soaking downpour.

Laurie said...

We are finally in that part of summer at home when we get afternoon thunderstorms. Thank goodness because we were in the same boat as you. Made it safely to CO. Thanks for the prayers.

Susan Anderson said...

The hydrangeas are gorgeous!