Sunday, May 29, 2016

Momentous Moments

We attended our Granddaughter's graduation today.  The speaker used the term, "momentous moments",  in reference to the things that happened in the lives of the graduates.  Things like birth, first steps, first words, first day of school, etc.  Having gone through those in my own life and then my children's lives and now in my Grandchildren's lives it can make a person wonder where the time has gone, and how it just keeps circling and repeating itself.  It's different each time though isn't it.  When it was our time we saw it from our perspective, more self involved.  When it was our children's events, we saw it as proud, nervous, hopeful parents.  I find that I view these events in my Grandkid's lives differently.  More mellow..or maybe more melancholy!  This is the second Grandchild to graduate high school.  The first time I kept shaking my head and couldn't believe I had one that old! I'm still shaking my head with the same thoughts...really? My little Summer...I've always called her "Summer Days" done with high school? Not only is she done with high school, she did her senior year at Ashland University and has completed her freshman year of college!  She graduated with a 3.8 average.  Throw in her artistic talent, fun personality, and beauty...the world is her oyster!  Yes I'm still proud, nervous, and very hopeful.  I look at my son and I'm so proud of the Dad he is and how wonderful those kids have  turned out.  I feel for him having to let go and watch as they do their own thing.  His oldest is moving to Florida in a few days and I know it's heavy on his heart and mind.  Summer is going to be closer to home as she's staying at Ashland University for her degree.  We wish you the best Summer Days...we love you! 
Happy Graduate!
Summer and Dad!
Summer and her boyfriend Brett.  They've dated for all of high school and we just love him!

Little brother Cameron is proud of his older sis too!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Summer, the artist, was one of the first members of your family I met when I signed on with you a few years ago. It has been a pleasure to watch her and Cameron and all the other grandkiddos grow. I congratulate Summer on reaching this "momentous moment" in her life, her high school graduation. I am very impressed to learn that she has already completed her freshman year at Ashland University. Summer has a running start at a great future!

I also wish Driana all the best as she heads down here to reside in The Sunshine State.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day, dear friend YaYa, and a wonderful week ahead!

God bless!

Rick Watson said...

Jilda and I wrote a song with our friend call Time Has Wings. It sums up the sentiment nicely. She is a beautiful young woman and she will go far.

Kay G. said...

My dear, to think that you have grandchildren graduating from high school, you look so YOUNG that it amazes me!! Congratulations to Summer! Love the photos of her Dad, Cameron and her handsome boyfriend!

Linda said...

Congratulations! Summer! I love her name!

Our 2nd grandchild graduated, too. The first was 5 years ago. We can't believe how the time has passed, but it does. We went to a family reunion on Saturday, and got to remember so many of the family that have gone on before. The hubby's family is traced back to the early 1800's, and their lives in Prussia before they immigrated to the United States! It is so amazing to see how their family has survived and prospered. I love being a member of this amazing family, with many missionaries, leaders of their communities, doctors, lawyers, farmers, inventors, and great family people. I pray that the next centuries will continue with the same kind of people. I know, in our own individual family, we have great people!

Have a great day!

betty said...

Congrats to Summer! A job well done! Wishing her much success in the years to come!


rosaria williams said...

Way to go, Summer! Congratulations and happy dreams for a future full of passion and rewards.

Kim said...

Congratulations Summer. I remember seeing some of her art on this blog and it was incredible. Beautiful and talented.

acorn hollow said...

oh how bitter sweet for all of you. She is just darling and sounds like very smart.