Sunday, May 15, 2016

Snow Way

I never thought I would be blogging about snow on May 15th.  This morning we had to go to Tallmadge (near Akron) for a Church conference.   On the way home it started to rain/snow.  If you blow up this pic I clicked with my phone you can see the white stuff against the red car. It didn't last long but it's been a chilly, wet weekend and I'm glad I pulled in some flowers I had planted in decorative planters for Mom's party next week. 
It cleared up this afternoon and I took a quick walk and thought I'd better capture what color we have since another 30de night is in store for us.
My only Azalea is looking good despite the chilly temps.
It contrasts nicely with the Dogwood, green hostas, and our white house.
These dogwoods are losing blossoms and getting the green on.
Snowball bushes (appropriate for the day).  They remind me of those coconut hostess cakes!
Put them together with the Azaleas and you have a nice bouquet.
 This guy was in my locker the other day..minus the flowers of course.  My coworker, Kim, gave him to me as a thank you for switching call. After planting him I do smile every time I see his "hat of petunias" !  Hopefully it will be able to be outdoors one of these days.  I'm sure he's thinking  "Whoooooo ordered this weather?"
All I can say is "Snow way, it wasn't me!"


Kim said...

Wow, that azalea is stunning. The snow not so much

gin said...

Yall have the craziest weather!!! Your pretty flowers know what time it is, time to bloom.

acorn hollow said...

North of us there is an inch on the ground they can have it. my flowers are just peeking out so not as much in bloom as you do

Rick Watson said...

Snow on May 15? As the old timers here would say, "That autta be agin the law."

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa!

The cowardly groundhog is hiding in his den, ashamed of his flawed spring prognostication and afraid to show his face. :) Knowing how fickle the weather up north can be at this time of year, your brief bout with raw temperatures and snow flurries doesn't surprise me. I hope none of your sensitive flowers, plants and shrubs was harmed by the cold snap. Your snowball bushes brought back memories, dear friend. When I was a kid we had 6 or 8 of them around the foundation of our house in York. You also triggered memories by mentioning how much the blooms look like those coconut cakes Hostess Snowballs. There was a pizza shop on the hill a half mile from our house, and once a week, my dad and I drove up there and picked up the family dinner. Along with a large pepperoni and mushroom pie we brought back a large bag of Bickel's Potato Chips:

We also brought home from the pizzeria a couple of packs of Hostess Snowballs for dessert. I typically ate half of a large pizza pie, 2/3 bag of those chips and a package of Snowballs (with ice cream) and yet stayed thin as a rail, so thin that my aunt always teased me for being "too skinny." I wish I had that metabolism back! :)

Your floral arrangements are lovely. I hope the warm weather is filtering back in and melting your polar ice cap as we speak. :)

Have a wonderful week, dear friend YaYa!

betty said...

That was a surprise for sure, especially the cold weather that came with it when people are probably thinking shorts and flip flops, not turning on the heat. I remember one year in Montana we got 6 inches of snow right before Memorial Day. It was pretty much gone the next day so that was nice :)

Such a cute owl and such colorful flowers!


Laurie said...

Wow! Snow in May. You may as well be in the Rockies. I sure hope the cold doesn't kill your blooming trees and shrubs...they are gorgeous!

rosaria williams said...

What lovely shrubs around your place! Enjoy the snow, it won't last and it will not be too much of a nuisance either because most folks can't be fooled. We too can get chilly nights all through May; so, our tomatoes grow under cover, and are protected at night for weeks before we trust the weather gods. This year,though, I predict another hot summer even for us where seventy degree weather is summer.

Kerri said...

Your flowers and bushes look so pretty! LOVE the owl planter...what a nice little thank you. I think so often people are thankful but going the extra mile and doing a little something nice for someone sure goes a long way in my opinion. NO MORE SNOW!!

Hilary said...

We recently had very similar weather. After a very warm few days, we had what I refer to as "thick rain" .. just verging on snow. Thankfully it was brief. Your flowers look absolutely beautiful and I'm glad they weren't any worse for wear from the cold.

karen said...

Your home and surrounding property are always so beautiful, no matter the season! Thanks for starting my day with a dose of beauty!

selvageedge said...

Your yard is beautiful. Glad the snow wasn't enough to stop the blossoms. Preschool graduation got moved inside due to snow. Crazy!

Deb Shucka said...

I love the owl! So weird to have snow this late. We've had a couple of 90 degree days already this spring. Now we're back to wet and cool. You have such a gorgeous yard.

Munir said...

Love those Azaleas. What a shot !
It is strange to see snow in May. In 1977, when I had my second son it was on Mother's Day and three days later, it was snowing when we brought him home. It is upstate New York so it can snow any time. LOL

Susan Anderson said...

The weather is so strange, but your flowers look great!

I love the owl planter.


Maya said...

Beautiful magic of flowers! They make any house or garden much more cozy and warm. I can imagine how they smell.