Monday, May 30, 2016

Day In The Life Of A WWII Soldier

My Dad served in WWII..The Third Armored "Spearhead" Division.  My Mom had my sister email me the letters he wrote home during his time in the Army.  I've been reading them and retyping them and hopefully will get them put into a book so they can be shared with our family.  They aren't worthy of a war movie to made about Dad..although he was handsome enough to star in one, but just having a tidbit of his time and his feelings as he fought overseas.  I wanted to share one on this Memorial Day of remembering.  He was fortunate as he made it home.  Made it home to marry my Mom, have 6 kids, build his own house and fill it with a lifetime of love, laughter, and good memories. Truly making it a home.  My Mom still lives in that same house.  Dad passed away in 1976...40 years ago this November.  Hard to believe as he's always in my heart and mind daily.  Here's his letter:

February 12, 1945

Dearest Mary,
      I passed up my chance to write yesterday but I am trying to make up for it tonight.
Mail has been pretty scarce here of late but I suppose I can't complain as I do not write very much myself.  At times you would be surprised what a change in mood a letter can make...or would you?
       I don't know why it is but here lately I have been thinking and wondering more and more about you and I and what we are going to do after this war is all washed up.
In magazines I manage to pick up here and there, I read all about the wonderful things they have planned for us after the war.  How changed things will be.  But do we want them changed?  I am sort of tired of the pattern people have fashioned my life to.  Why can't we have our own design?  I have come to realize that the most wonderful part of life is in making your own decisions and living them without regrets.
      Anyway, I've been wondering a lot about other things too.  After sweating this one out I've been wondering if it's  Occupation, China, or somewhere in the Pacific, or home. 
      I'd like to go home naturally, but there's a time element.  I wonder if I've been here long enough.  I know I've been in the Army long enough.  Three years now.  It doesn't seem that long does it?
      Well I guess I'll have to go now. I've got a little job to do tonight so until next time,
                                          Love as always,

Thanks Dad and my brothers who served in Vietnam and all who have served and gave the ultimate sacrifice.  True Heroes all!  God Bless America!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa!

These posts in which you show us a picture or two of your dad, tell us about him, share your memories of him and allow us to read the actual words he wrote home to your mother, are absolutely wonderful and very moving. My eyes are blurred with tears. Your father was indeed handsome enough to have been the star of a war movie. Thank God he returned home safely to your mother, and this great family of yours came to be. It makes me very sad to know that he didn't live a long life and isn't here with you today. Even so I have no doubt that he is aware of how much you adore him and that he is very proud of you. Thank you for paying tribute to your dad today, dear friend YaYa!

Stacy Crawford said...

I love the letter from the war. It is interesting to see what they were thinking and dreaming about.

Thanks to all of them, indeed!

Kay G. said...

Thank you for sharing your Dad's letter on this post! And I very much agree, he was handsome enough for a movie star and a darn good writer too.
God bless America indeed! xx

Laurie said...

Thank you for your family's service to our country.

betty said...

What a sweet letter he wrote to your mom. He was pretty young when he passed, considering your mom just celebrated her 90th. I am glad he survived the war and was able to marry your mom and be your father. This past year I have become fascinated with reading stories, nonfiction and fiction, about WW2 and the terrible Holocaust. It dawned on me when I had read several of them that my dad was involved in it all; him being in the Polish Army, captured by the Germans, in a German work camp for the majority of the war. He, like so many others, didn't talk about their experiences much, but I'm sure it impacted their lives.

I appreciate all who are willing to serve and grateful for those that lost their lives fighting for our freedom


Rick Watson said...

Great post Yaya. When you get closer to making the book happen let me know. I can help you navigate the self publishing waters.

Kim said...

Wow, what a treasure for your family to have. We will never truly understand what they went through so we could live better lives. Hugs.

Sweet Tea said...

What a sweet letter. So glad you have it and shared it with us.
Much to think about.