Saturday, May 7, 2016

So It Begins...With Lexi!

Today our sweet Lexi-Lou turns 10..hard to imagine so much time has gone by.  But life's that way isn't it?  Time waits for no man or girl and soon you're in the double digits for the duration...unless you happen to hit the triple digits but I don't think I'll be around to capture the moment!  May is a big birthday month in our family with Lex today, her Daddy (Phil) on Monday, another Grandkiddo Katie on Thursday, another Grandkiddo, Summer on the 21st...and my Mom who'll be 90 on the 17th. Whew! Throw in Mother's day and you have a full month of celebrating.  But that's the best part of life...the celebrations and happy days.  Here's a few moments from Lexi's party last night.  We have a wonderful place called the Kroc Center.  It's the headquarters for Ashland's Salvation Army.  It has meeting rooms, gyms, laser tag and rollerskating and classrooms for after school day care and an outdoor water spray park and playground.  It's a great place to rent for parties.  The kids had a blast!
We walked into the party area to find a bunch of alien looking pods with kids inside of them rolling around and loving every minute!
We found our birthday girl inside one!
These are really a lot of fun for the kids.
Throw in a "jumpie house" and it's a party for sure!
The room was all set up for the gang.
Time for pizza and goodies to feed the hungry mob!
Present time!
She had giant donuts instead of a traditional cake.  She had to pull all her long hair back so no fire accidents!
She had a bit of a hard time with the candle part...they kept relighting! The kids laughed every time they came back on...poor Lexi! (She laughed too and loved it!)
Her sister, PawPaw, and Daddy enjoyed the evening too! And so did I.
Happy Birthday Lexi! We love you!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa!

Happy birthday, Lexi-Lou! Ten is a wonderful age to be, Lexi. You have so much to look forward to, so many good times and adventures. I would have loved to join you and your friends in that room filled with giant alien pods. They look like the most fun ever! Add Eddy, Chubbs and the Yeti from the Creepy Woods to the mix and you've got a party you'll never forget!

My goodness, you do have a jam-packed month of celebrations, don't you, YaYa? It will be such a blessing to mark your mother's 90th birthday. She looks decades younger! My family has three May birthdays as well - Mrs. Shady, our granddaughter and one of our grandsons, the baby, who will be a year old on the 18th.

Once again, happy birthday, Lexi. Enjoy the coming year and make the most of it!

betty said...

I love the birthday donut! And where the party was held! Looked like lots of fun and neat how many future celebrations in the short weeks ahead! I'm sure something is grand in the planning for your mom's 90th!! Enjoy it all!


Rick Watson said...

It looks like that youngun' had a large time. I love those kind of weekends. This coming weekend, we're having a fish fry for friends and family. Things will be bezzing around here.

Kim said...

Wow, what a great place. I'm loving the giant donut cake. Happy birthday Lexi

joeh said...

Those pod things do look like fun!

Kay G. said...

Happy birthday to Lexi! Lucky girl, this is a beautiful time of year for a birthday!

acorn hollow said...

Happy birthday Lexi! It looks like a fun time was had by all.

selvageedge said...

That looks like a very fun party. Did you and Jack get into the giant balls too?

gin said...

Happy Birthday Lexi! You'll be doing lots of partying this month.

Sweet Tea said...

Now THAT was a party!
Happy Birthday to your sweet Lexi and all the others on your
May birthday list, especially your Mom!!