Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Blog Fog

Last time I posted we were in tornado mode. Thankfully all was good.  Nothing to report and I'm glad of it!  I feel like I've been in a "blog fog" however.  I haven't posted about anything happening around these parts and trying to keep up with my blog buddies has been a challenge for some reason.  I'm hoping to get by and say hi to all soon!  In the last week I helped host a guest speaker at work.  He came and talked about positivity and he had some really good points and I think everyone enjoyed him.
A few gathered around the conference table enjoying  breakfast that my BFF Donna and I made for everyone.
I figured if the meeting was a bust at least they were fed! (I've learned the way to surgical personnel's hearts!) Fortunately, the speaker was great..no complaints! The one thing I did enjoy about last week was finally being able to mow our lawn for the first time this season! Yippee! (I won't be as excited come fall!)
You can see it was pretty long....thanks in part to the great fertilizer....Eddy. Now it looks like this:
Smooth as a baby's bottom!  Leaves are beginning to finally appear and warm temps this week should bring out the lilacs.  I'm hoping! I also did some Spring cleaning.  Carpets were cleaned and I was feeling pretty good about finally taking the Christmas quilt off the bed in our guest room.  Yep, pretty pleased...until I noticed. as I was turning off the light in that room, the nightlight plugged in was from Halloween....I'd say I was suffering from more than "blog fog"!


joanne said...

i know what you mean about mowing...we haven't yet, seems like a silly thing to look forward to but we do!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi,YaYa! As I mentioned in my reply to your comment on my blog I am very relieved to know that you, Jack, Eddy and the rest of your family you are AOK. You put quite a scare into me with your last post, pinned down as you were by that ferocious storm. I'm so glad you didn't have a power outage and nobody got hurt that night.

You do seem to be in a fog, dear friend. Please don't worry about getting the blahs and not feeling motivated to make the usual rounds. I go into a blog fog quite often. Just ride it out. It will soon pass and you'll be back at the top of your game again.

Your lawn looks beautiful now that it's been mowed. That picture taken from the deck showing the yard stretching out to the Creepy Woods makes your property look big enough to host the Masters Golf Tournament. I can imagine Eddy prancing around wearing the ceremonial green jacket! At the very least you could make money operating a driving range with all that land.

I used these familiar words on my blog and they bear repeating. I wish you "kinder, gentler" spring weather from now on. After all you've been through, you deserve it.

Good night, dear friend, and enjoy the rest of your week!

Kim said...

I love the smell of the cut grass, especially the first one of the season. It always seems to smell better. Or maybe we are so she'll shocked from winter, anything will make us happy?

Cindy said...

The yard looks great -- bring on summer and the red, white and blue decor!

Julia said...

Your lawn looks great. Mine is starting to green up but is mostly weeds.

The breakfast looks delicious.

Becky Jerdee said...

ha ha, Halloween night light :) Glad the tornadoes didn't hit. Now they're going for the town of our trip destination...we think we'll hang out in Tallahassee until the worst of it blows over.

selvageedge said...

Last night was spooky enough that a Halloween nightlight would have been just right. Hope your yard survived the hail.

Rick Watson said...

I think you all had bad skies when we did. It was scary here again, but fortunately we dodged a bullet. Some of our friends about 10 miles away weren't as fortunate.

Willow said...

Glad to know you are A-okay .
I have been having a wee bit of a blog fog lately too , perhaps Spring fever and a bit busier , just haven't been keeping up the pace on the bloggie.
Glad to see Eddy had been contributing to lush grass growth ~ lol

Sue said...

Glad good weather has come your way at last. I've been a lazy blogger myself, so I can't complain. Good to "see" you!


karen said...

Your lawn is glorious! And your breakfast looked even more glorious... I love breakfast. And blog fog? I'm deep into it. Maybe I just need to do more interesting things?

gin said...

Yayy for the green! With the green grass comes weekly work. But so worth it. You pulled off an amazing work project with the speaker and breakfast. I'm sure the summer will give you plenty to blog about. Can't wait to read your post everyday.

Donna said...

Agree...I should do a post on blog fog 2...x100!!!! Yikes it's scarey! Yours are always fun to read...the yard looks beaut and I know the enjoyment you get from it. I'm lying here in bed window open listening to the birds sing. That's my enjoyment! Have a great weekend and Mothers Day!

Kay G. said...

You and Donna come and make some breakfast for me, PLEASE!! That looks yummy.
I saw all the bad weather on the news this week, it looked scary.
Ha on the Halloween night light, that sounds like me! :-)