Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hearth And Home

This week has been a mixture of sweet, fun, happy, and sad.  I guess I'm going to start with the sweet first. Our little Lexi was in a school play and played the lion in the Aesop's fable, "The Lion and the Mouse"...
Here's Lexi adjusting her "mane"...
And standing her ground against the "hunters"..It was a fun and very cute play and Lex did great! I'll move onto the fun part of my week.  It has to do with the post title...Hearth and Home. Each Spring BFF Donna takes me along on a home and garden tour in Bath, Ohio.  It's a beautiful area near Akron and the homes are amazing. Some years I've been blown away by the size and opulence.  We've also toured historic homes that were more the size of my house.  This year seemed to be a bit of a mixture.  We're not allowed to take photos inside the homes but I did get a few outside shots.
Lovely patios ready for a luncheon.
Some looked ready for a wedding!
Fire rings for outdoor socializing at the historic home we visited.
Waterfalls and lush plantings.
Everything manicured and perfect..however...
This garden may be a bit a "head" of it's time.  One person's style is another one's creepiness. (mine)
Even farm tools were decked out.  Hmmm...maybe I should plant a few flowers in my lawn mower.
This sweet gem is just a tool shed...I wanted to move in.
I loved this little poem outside of one of the gardens and I want to replicate it for my Sister's Journey garden. As always it was a fun day spent with good friends.  After returning home I decided to take my own garden tour...well, the tour up to the Creepy Woods.  This is the happy part of the post:
Happy to see the green filled out in the woods.
Happy that Eddy's happy to still be able to run up and down the path in and out of the woods! (Watch out for ticks my little friend!)  I took up a little project that also made me happy this week. I redid an old wicker couch for my deck. It started out like this:
I used my old stand by decorating tool....the spray paint can...and turned it into this:
Looks better I think! I'll be fussing with the deck this weekend, getting it ready for sitting and relaxing this Summer.  I'll have to post a finished pic later.  Now for the sad. This week at work has been a real heart breaker for all of us.  We have a co-worker who found out she has a rare cancer..a very serious cancer.  She's going to be giving it the fight of her life and we're all here for her and ready to step in to help in any capacity....whether at work or her home.  She's a private person and not one to sit back and feel sorry for herself.  I won't give her name without her permission, but many prayers will be going out for her.  I've been around cancer in my job, my family's life, my friend's lives...and I hate that disease with a passion.  I also hate ending a post on a negative note.  So I had to look for a pic that I felt fit my mood...
I love this shot...even though those dark clouds come by, the sun will find it's way out from behind them.  I believe in prayer and miracles and good days ahead. I hope everyone has a good weekend.


joeh said...

The head in the garden is a bit creepy.

Donna said...

Your wicker turned out fabulously!! &....I beleive n prayers and miracles too....with all my heart.

acorn hollow said...

The tool shed is wonderful I could move in too.
the head is creepy. your grand daughter darling.
I will keep that person with the struggle in my prayers.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! I will arrange my comments in reverse order, starting with a remark about the plight of your co-worker. I already knew about her situation from reading your comment on karen's blog today. You can rest assured that I will add her to my prayer list. That awesome sunset speaks volumes, reminding us that there is always hope and a silver lining.

Kathleen Schneider's 102 year old mother Margaret is exhibiting symptoms of pneumonia again and I ask that you keep both of them in your prayers.

You did an incredible job on that wicker love seat! The color combo you selected turned it into a very warm and inviting piece of furniture. Well done!

The Creepy Woods has come alive with lush greenery! I was just going to caution you to check yourself and Eddy for ticks when I noticed that you're already on it.

That poem is wonderful and perfect for use in any garden or as a framed affirmation to hang on the wall inside the house.

That deluxe tool shed looks a lot like my servants' quarters! :)

Interesting how that old piece of farm equipment was turned into a planter! I wonder what Eddy would think of that weird head sticking up out of the ground! I'll bet he'd be tempted to use it for the same purpose he would use a fire hydrant! :) I love the waterfall and rocks, the trellis, everything you and Donna encountered during your home and garden tour in Ohio, Bath. (You mistakenly inverted it and wrote Bath, Ohio :)

Hooray for Lexi the lion in her school play. Just recently I attended my granddaughter's school play. She had the role of Lucy in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Stay well, dear friend YaYa, and please give my buddy Eddy a pat and a biscuit!

Julia said...

Yaya, sorry to hear about your co-worker having a serious form of cancer. I will pray for your friend.

You did a great job on that wicker piece, what a difference. It looks like a new wicker seat.

I think the head should be buried all the way. A strange sense of humor.

Jave a great weekend.

gin said...

A mixed week for sure for you. I keep a prayer list and will add your friend to it. What talent Lexi has!! And, I'm
Jealous of your wicker project.

selvageedge said...

That head was weird. It might make an interesting addition to your creepy woods. I too believe in prayers and miracles, and hope for the best for your friend. Hopefully with some treatments she will soon be as renewed as your wicker furniture.

Sweet Tea said...

I always enjoy your posts and especially your talk about the Creepy woods. LOL So beautiful there! I miss those sweet school plays like your granddaughter was in. Sooooo very sweet!

betty said...

I have to say the head was a bit creepy out there; I would have to move it, get rid of it, but I would be fascinated seeing it and wondering why they felt it belonged out there.

The time with friends though sounds fun; I'd enjoy something like this; we drive by houses and I'm always wanting to see what they look like inside (people watcher too:)

What a sweet lion Lexi was! It is always fun to see them perform in plays and get confidence performing in front of others.

I am so sorry about your friend. Said a prayer for her. Sounds like she has a good support system, though, and I know that will be deeply appreciated by her.

May the rest of your weekend be a good one :)


Kim said...

The giant head in the garden......just too creepy! Sorry about your friends news. I believe in prayer so I will put her in mine

Stacy Crawford said...

Good luck to your friend. Hope all goes well for her.

Becky Jerdee said...

Such a thoughtful ending to your otherwise spirited post, Kathy. I'm into prayer and meditation and appreciation of all the things around us...the HEAD in the garden was nothing but CREEPY!

Hilary said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your friend's situation. Unnamed as she may be, I will keep her in my very best, positive thoughts.

You did a fabulous job with the wicker piece.. clever you.

The head.. yup.. a tad on the creepy side.

And Lexi.. just adorable in the mane event. ;)