Monday, May 12, 2014


 Yesterday had many sending out lovely thoughts and tributes to their Moms or to women who were a huge influence in their lives even if they weren't the traditional picture of "Mom".   I'm very blessed to still have my Mom with us and enjoying her life as she nears her 88th birthday....more on that at the end of this week!  I want to thank my sweet kiddos for all the good wishes, gifts, cards, visits, texts, and calls.  I even had a few facebook shout-outs! (even though I don't post much..I do peek often!)  It's been a gas being your Mom when you were just little kiddos and enjoying you as adults and watching you with your kids!  The month of May is a big celebration month around my family.  I already had a birthday post for 2 of my fav people...Lexi and Phil. Well, today is another birthday. My Granddaughter Katie out in Oregon (Portland) turned 12 today.  It's a "golden" birthday.  That means she turns the age of her birthdate.  So Happy Golden birthday dearest Katie..she's also my namesake as she's really a "Kathleen"...I'm so honored!

Katie is the absolute sweetest kiddo ever.  She's so good with her siblings and so kind and helpful to others.  I remember visiting them when they lived in South Carolina and going to her school during her lunch hour.  We were in her classroom and the kids were all getting their lunches out.  There was a little girl sitting at Katie's table who couldn't get her milk carton open.  Katie immediately jumped up and went over to help her.  Katie was only 5  and I could see her compassion and sweet nature just blooming. Can you tell I love this girl? Happy Golden Birthday Katie! We love you!  Another quick tribute I want to blog about today is Spring has finally, officially, decided to land at the Pines.  Some of our trees and bushes were hit hard by Winter but those that held on are blooming and look and smell wonderful. My favorites are the lilacs. I picked a bouquet tonight as storms have been passing through all day and I felt I better grab some before they are gone.
I love the dark purple the best and I even have a white one that bloomed just a few blooms this year. Too bad you can't smell lovely.  Sitting next to the bouquet of tulips Craig and Amy sent me it screams Springtime!  I hope you take time to send a tribute out to someone you love...don't put it off...time has a way of fleeing!
Whoooooossss sitting pretty in the blooming dogwood?  I found this wind chime last week at our hospital's annual flower sale.  Love him!


Willow said...

Aww happy birthday to the sweet one.
So glad Spring has found the Whispering Pines and the scent of Lilacs is filling the air !
Cuz I give a hoot about you ~ Whoo?? ~ you that's ~who !( Sorry I was inspired by your yard sale find) HA ha

gin said...

Happy bday Katie!! You've got a lot of loving to give to all your peeps. That's wonderful to see. I enjoy your posts.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi again, dear YaYa! As I was just stating on my own blog, you are lucky to have such a wonderful mother and she is very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter. To that I will add that your kiddos are lucky to have you for a mother and vice versa. In 1995 I lost my mom to illness at the young age of 76. I miss her every day, especially on Mother's Day.

Happy Golden Birthday to grandkiddo Katie in Orgeon, Portland! I was happy to learn how sweet and caring she is and I certainly can tell that you love her.

Never underestimate warm air and the scent of fresh spring flowers to elevate your mood. That's exactly what's happening at Whispering Pines and I couldn't be happier. That is a lovely flower arrangement! I scratched the screen and sniffed and I'm pretty sure I could smell it!

I'm wondering if Eddy went ballistic when he spotted that owl you bought. I can see him standing beneath that dogwood for hours barking, so very pleased with himself for treeing that goofy looking bird.

I look forward to your birthday tribute for your dear mother. Good night and God bless you, dear friend YaYa!

selvageedge said...

Katie is such a cutie. I cannot believe she is 12 already. Time flies!

Scriptor Senex said...

Happy Golden Birthday to Katie. I had never heard that expression before. Please can I go back to being 49 and have my Golden Birthday again...

111 LaLa Lane said...

Your Katie is a beauty! Happy Birthday!

Oh my goodness, I'm so happy spring has made it to the Pines. I was worried about you for awhile. Your lilacs are gorgeous and I'm sure they smell just as delicious. It has been so freaking hot here lately that I'm quite sure global warming has settled here in the south. And all the while, I thought Al Gore was full of it. HaHa!

Cro Magnon said...

I have 'lilac' coloured Lilacs, but much prefer either white or the deep purple. I must do something about it!