Monday, March 25, 2013


Hello from Whispering Pines....Today's message is: I GIVE UP MOTHER NATURE! YOU WIN! If you remember the post from Saturday with sunny skies, warmer temps, and no white stuff, I was a smiley YaYa. Sometime, very early this morning, the snow came down...very fast. About an inch an hour.  We woke up to this winter wonderland.  I wouldn't care, if it WAS winter!  But the whole country and some of my friends across the Pond are also experiencing weird, bad, cold, windy, rainy, stormy, no power, strangle holds from Mother who am I to complain? I had today off  so about 8am I trudged all over and took, what I sure hope, are the last snow pics for this time of year.  Considering last year at this time it was in the 80's, I'm guessing we earned this one!
Hanging branch with very wet snow over the power lines...well, that scared me just a little!
Public bath is closed for the day.
This little guy was so hoping for a quick dip!
 Side yard with creek.
Next door neighbor's kiddo treehouse.
Another treehouse!
The fish windchime...
He looks stunned!
The Creepy Woods have never looked so lovely. It was very quiet except for a woodpecker making himself known.
Nothing like a shot of color in this white landscape.
If you want to sit for a bit, this chair is all soft and comfy!
Or if you need to head home, just follow the tracks to the exit between the pines...I was so hoping the snow would take the hint, but I just looked out the window and it's snowing again...sigh....


Shady Del Knight said...

Those are all beautiful snow scenes, YaYa, but I am well aware that hassles and hardships are also part of the picture. Growing up in PENNA I loved snowy days and spent most of my waking hours sledding. I've been living in Florida since 1984 and only recall brief snow flurries once in all these years. The cold north wind is blowing today, however, and we are expecting one of the coldest nights of the season, possibly upper 30s. I can only imagine how cold it will get in your vicinity. Stay warm, dear friend YaYa!

Paul said...

That sure is a lot of snow. Very pretty but I'm sure but you can have too much of a good thing. Been having a drought here but there is a little rain this morning.

Munir said...

I get to see yet another side of you. You are a superb photographer. Also your captions are cute.

Julia said...

You captured beautiful snowy sceneries and the little cardinal is the icing on the cake. I know that the snow will melt real quick but ENOUGH already. Winter has got a grip over everywhere it seems. What a contrast over your spring flowers from the earlier post.

Spring is not making any headway yet.

Hugs, JB

Hilary said...

You need a mantra... It looks beautiful and it's temporary. Say that a few times and it will be melting before you know it. Your photos are indeed lovely but I do feel your pain.

selvageedge said...

I love the cardinal shot. Save that one for the fair. :)

PoetessWug said...

Beautiful snow pictures, Yaya...but you can keep that white stuff to yourself!! LOL

acorn hollow said...

oh I am so sorry! we are going to miss that storm yahoo! we are going to be in the 40's and 50's still not super warm but oh boy will I take it!' Here is wishing you a quick melt.

Kay G. said...

Oh, I know you must be tired of it, but I think it is so beautiful!
That shot of the cardinal in the snow would make me happy for LIFE!!
Thanks for your sweet comment on Paul's blog, by the way, you are a sweetheart!

Rebecca Jerdee said...

The Creepy Woods have never looked lovelier!

Nonnie said...

I really feel for you all. But those pictures are just gorgeous! Love them all, but that cardinal pic is really cool. Hope the sun comes out for you soon and warms everything up. I do envy all the moisture. We could sure use some of it.

Cheltz said...

I was wondering if you had the day off, when you commented so early:). It's hard to go back to cold when you've experienced a taste warm! So pretty, though :).

Sush said...

I am with you big time...I'm over winter, ready for warm breezes and sunshine. The photos are lovely and I guess come mid-July and August I may be clicking back to see them for a pick me up!

Hang in there...this too shall pass!

karen said...

What a view of your world! I know you're very tired of it (as is my daughter in Massachusetts!) but to someone from California its so, so lovely to see these pictures of yours. It all looks so hushed and quiet. Except for the woodpecker, I guess.

Sue said...

Uncle, indeed.
Times ten!!


Stacy Crawford said...

Nice pics. love the fish. ;)


So sad about all the snow. Usually snow is my friend but right now I feel as though we are on opposing sides.
So ready for spring, green grass, flowers, even weeds for goodness sakes.
Come on summer make an appearance. I'll take a tad of sunshine. anything.
Okay that's that. Now I'll stop - your photos are beautiful.
Love to see what you are doing. Blessings, Barb