Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday With YaYa

Monday with YaYa is sort of like "Tuesdays with Morey"..only much more boring.  I had a low census day today. It was my turn and I took advantage of it! It meant I could sleep in...Check! I won't embarrass myself by saying how late I slept in. But I did get to see Kelly (Rippa) and Michael on TV so it wasn't like noon or something!  But some of the sights around here were interesting. Kinda....
 First thing I noticed when I came downstairs for breakfast. What is that?  Oh, it's Squeak's butt....why is the cat sitting  there? Just looking outside? Oh no, it's much more interesting than that...Don't look if you have a weak stomach:
She puked on her bed...into the washing machine ASAP! Time to focus on other things.
Like pretty flowers to make me think Spring just might be spite of the fact that the deck was covered with ice and it was cold and rainy all day!
Easter decorations here and there.
Some on top of the kitchen fireplace.
Speaking of fireplaces...this is the livingroom fireplace with it's stockpot sitting inside filling with rain water...yep, we have a leak from the same place as last year when they fixed the roof..only it's not the roof. It's the chimney.
I crawled up and took a pic to prove it. Hopefully the nice man who came last week to check it out will be fixing it ASAP.
 I made bread to take to a nice older couple in our Church that I drove out to visit. I had a great chat with them and I hope they enjoyed this with their lunch today!
Cake also went to some Church friends I visited today.  I spent most of my afternoon making visits.  It's good to have a day to do that kind of thing. 
As I was getting ready to leave for my visits,  poor Squeak was wondering where her bed was....thankfully I pulled it out of the dryer just before I left.  It was so nice and warm, I don't think she's gotten off of it all day! Yes, I  have exciting Monday's off every so often.  Tomorrow it's back to work...hey, I couldn't stand anymore fun!


Julia said...

How generous of you to spend part of your off day with some older church friends. The bread and cake looks wonderful.

I'm glad that Squeak's bed has been freshened up. Those things happens when we have pets.

Flowers on the table sure feels springy but I think that you can brighten any room with your smile and attitude.
Have a great week. I'm glad that you had a day off so that you could sleep in.

Donna said...

Nice that your day off was spent serving or beast! The bread and the cake look yummy but the cat upchucking was at the other end of the spectrum. Maybe next Monday you can be selfish and really enjoy the day to yourself!!!

Hilary said...

Looks like a very productive day. I'm sure your church friends enjoyed those yummy looking treats.

joanne said...

ya know, for a low census Monday, it sounds like you filled it and others with your thoughtfulness and kindness. You are a treasure Yaya.

Cheltz said...

It still looks like an exciting day off to me! And now I kind of want to cuddle up on a straight-out-of-the-dryer cat bed.

PoetessWug said...

Oh Yeah! It sounded like fun! LOL And where were you when my bed covers needed tossing in the dryer?! ^_^

Kim said...

You are way more productive on your days off than I am :) I hope the leak gets fixed soon before it causes any damage.
Squeak is too funny, hiding behind the curtain. Whenever Millie is hanging her head in a corner I know that something bad has happened.

111 LaLa Lane said...

Low census or not, you were very productive. I love those kinds of days when you can check several things off your to do list. Have a great day!

karen said...

Poor Squeak! But that bread and lovely chocolate cake made me forget his misery. How I love both of those things!

Rebecca Jerdee said...

What a kind soul you are, making food and visiting church people! If I had the gift of gab I might enjoy doing it is, I prefer standing at the cutting table carving out quilt squares from donated fabrics for Lutheran World Relief's refugee quilts. Quiet work where I can't put my foot in my mouth.

Nonnie said...

Poor cat! And poor you. I really don't like waking up to a mess like that.
That bread and the cake look soooo yummy. Really nice of you to take your day off and use it to do something for someone else.
How cool to have a fireplace in the kitchen. Hope the leak in the other chimney is fixed soon.

Sue said...

I'm thinking I'd like to be in YOUR ward.


PS. Roof leaks are so discouraging...and chimney ones. And cat puke, too. haha

Stacy Crawford said...

To bad I wasn't home for some of that cake.

Munir said...

Poor kitty.

You are some generous person. I mean sleep is sooo good, you had a chance and you did things for the church. Good Karma !!! which I have to earn sooner or later. I am getting old, I better start.

Sweet Tea said...

How lucky are the people to be visited by you, especially since you come bringing FOOD?! My that chocolate cake looked yummy!!