Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lucky Stiff!

This afternoon we stopped at our good friend Greg's place of work.  Well, it used to be his place of work but he retired and the insurance office staff gave him a fond farewell open house.  Now I could really call him a "Luck Stiff" for being able to retire. But he's worked long and hard his whole life. He's contributed to our community in a big way by a being on city council, school board, many other "boards" throughout the town. He goes to our Church and has served in every leadership position you can imagine. But at 68 he and his lovely wife Gayle are going on a mission for the Church.  He was planning on working a couple of more years, just part-time, but when he was asked to serve he and his wife didn't hesitate to say "Yes!". So off they will go and we wish them all the best.  I know for a fact that "Luck" has nothing to do with his success in business, personal life, church life, or community life...the harder you work, the luckier you get...that's all there is to it.  Congrats Greg! We will miss you!! (Plus he was our insurance agent and we'll miss that too!)
Jack and Greg.
Greg and his wife Gayle.
This was really cool....I want candy bars when I retire with my name on them!
This was just a small portion of the food served.  The conversation Jack and I had about the spread tells me how well my hubby knows the real me.  ME: "Jack, the food looks really good, are you going to have some?" JACK: "Oh? It does look good". ME: "Seriously Honey, you should go and get some food...get a nice big plate full."  JACK: (His eyes get squinty and he looks really carefully at me)"Why? What are we having for dinner?" ME: "Ummmm....whatever is in that buffet line."  Yep, I'm a Lucky Stiff being married to such a smart guy!


selvageedge said...

Were there hot dogs on that buffet? :) We will miss Greg and Gayle too. Hope we can all survive without them for six months.

Cheltz said...

Congrats, Greg and Gayle! (I wouldn't have made dinner, when there's a free buffet to be had, either!)

Julia said...

I want my picture on a candy bar too when I retire.

It's nice knowing people like that who are so generous with serving the community but there can also be a draw back for the family sometimes.

My husband works full time and the rest of the time he serves on boards of this and that, so much so that I've been feeling like a widow for most of my married life, lol...

But I'm glad that your friend was given a great send off.

You are wise to tell your husband to fill his plate at the reception. It saves you from cooking another meal but I can understand that he loves your cooking.

Scriptor Senex said...

I usually get Jo to fill her plate and then I pinch most of it and she has to go back and get another one... Cruel!
I didn't get candy bars when I retired - what a great idea.
And I fully agree that "the harder you work, the luckier you get". It's a good motto for any walk of life.

Sue said...


They look like a great couple, and I'm sure the mission will be rewarding for both of them.

That food looks pretty rewarding, too!


Munir said...

Picture on a candy bar is a good idea!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You are just what I needed this morning. Been to long since I laughed. Speaking of laughing I really got a big one from your comment.
I STILL CAN'T believe the guy left me with the windows to do.
Enjoyed reading about such a good man. What a Blessing to be able to serve the Lord in this way.
Your sweet understanding hubby is so handsome. But of course he would be with a gorgeous wife at his side.
Have you sent me your Blogazine post yet. I refuse to forget it. Lol
Well honey I have wrote a chapter but your so fun to visit with.
Have a wonderful weekend

Nonnie said...

Those sandwiches look pretty good to me, so hopefully your handsome husband got enough to eat. Would love to have had candy bars when I made my exit from the working world.
Luck Stiff!!! You're right about the hard work and he sounds like a really nice guy who knows all about that. It's great that he and his wife aren't taking to the rocking chairs, but will be doing the mission trip. More power to them!

Donna said...

Cpongrats to Greg...he has worked hard and does a lot for our community (like your own hubby!).
I'm sure he and Gayle will enjoy their next adventure. Good Luck to them.

PS. I LOVE that kind of "no cook" dinner!!! Ha!

Kay G. said...

"Whatever is in that buffet line."
Oh honey, you are my kind of gal!!
And I'm with you, I want those chocolate bars to give out when I retire. With my money, I might could give bite size Tootsie Rolls! :-)
Good luck to your friend Greg and his wife, Gayle. I have an aunt named Gayle and she spells it that way too!

Stacy Crawford said...

Looks like the party turned out well! Candy bars with pictures are neat.

Christina said...

They will be awesome missionaries! Jack and you will be, too, someday!

Melnee Benfield said...

Congrats! Time marches on, even when we have trouble marching.
May bright and happy days greet you!