Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Busy Day...Silent Night

Morning started with some gift giving and stocking unwrapping....and Eddy found his toys immediately.
When the gangs all arrived it was time for more gift opening and playing.
Fun jammie wearing!
Doll hugging! (And fun hat wearing!)

Hamming it up...
Chowing down!
Nap taking where ever one can find a quiet spot...like the tunnel that goes with a new tent.
Or a chair with every dollie one owns.
Except for this "monkey"..who played football with his glow-in-the-dark football.
Then it was time for some "group hugs"...My son Phil and his wife Amanda and Lexi and Addy.
Phil, Amanda, and son Jordan
And these silly girls with the crazy, sparkly hats made us laugh all day!
It was a fun day with good food,  wonderful gifts, and a great family to share it together. Now that's what I call a Holiday!


Cheltz said...

Looks like a great day! I can't believe those kids are napping! Christmas is one of the few days, when I can only get babies to nap!

Stacy Crawford said...

Beautiful day with a beautiful family. Thank you for your wonderful example and ear when I need it.

Hilary said...

I was going to say that I hoped you and yours had a lovely Christmas but I can see that you clearly did. Gorgeous family.

Nonnie said...

I call that a great day myself. What a wonderful family you have and very cute kids. Love the hat and the Jammie's. Dog looks tired.

Donna said...

Gee, Lexi and Addy got the same hat as Larry!! Ha! They all look so cute...looks like a great day. The ham looks good...but not as good as my spanakopita!!
Miss you.

Kim said...

Oooo, I want a pair of those fancy Jammie's ! Lol. Looks like fun. I've been eating steady for 3 days now. I soon will need one of those tubes to roll around in, because at this rate I soon won't be able to get out of the chair on my own ;)

acorn hollow said...

sounds like a wonderful day.
and good food as always.

Kerri said...

Merry Christmas Yaya! What a great picture of your son and his family! Looks like everyone was having a great time at Grandma's! I hear you are getting more snow on Saturday!

Judi said...

Looks like everybody is well loved and well gifted.
Your pajamas are super cool. I am so jealous!
I always feel "warm and fuzzy" when I read your blog. Keep up the good work in 2013!!!

Munir said...

Glow in the dark footballs are nice and so are group hugs. I hope that every little one got his/her toys and the grown ups enjoyed watching them. Best wishes from my family and me to you and your family. God Bless:)