Monday, December 3, 2012

A Small Town Moment

Saturday night our small town had it's annual Christmas parade.  The time and date of this tradition has changed over the 35yrs that I've lived here.  It used to be on a Monday night.  That made it interesting for us since we used to have office hours on Monday nights and our parking lot would fill up with parade goers fighting for space with our patients. We lived above the office and our front windows faced the street that the paraded ended on.  That was fun because we didn't have to bundle up the kiddos and stand outside and freeze!  Then the parade moved to the Saturday before Thanksgiving...during the day.  They called it a "holiday" parade and many marching groups were dressed up as Pilgrims and Indians. I'm thinking it competed with some football game from Ohio State. I'm not sure if that's what prompted the next time move.  Now it's back to a night parade and it's on the first Saturday of December.  We lucked out this year because the weather was very the 50's...not windy...not raining. I have never seen such a large turnout for a parade. There were 54 floats...that's a lot for us!  Plus I thought almost all the floats were wonderful..very colorful.  The marching bands sounded festive and the little Boy and Girl Scout troops and various other organizations marched with fun and enthusiasm.  The traditional "candy throw" to the kiddos on the sidelines made me as nervous as when my boys were little. I always think someone is going to get run over trying to grab some goodies. (You'd think after 35yrs. I'd relax...nah!) Here's an example of the floats:
This next one is a replica of a place called "Grandpa's Cheesebarn"  It looks just like the real Cheesebarn...except I've never see the giant mice there!
The marching "Sweet 16's" ...a dance group from our local High School. So fast they were just a blur!
More glitz!
The very last float has the "Big Guy" himself...Santa. Here's a pic of Addy's face when he's fast approaching.
That's the look of a happy kiddo!
A quick pic by a Christmas tree after the parade was over and then the girls came home with me so Phil and Amanda could go out for Amanda's birthday.  I thought the girls would be exhausted after being busy all day and the long parade.  Hah! Silly Me....they were ready to be fun and silly.  We had a good time and they stayed overnight. As a Mommo of all boys, having girls around is still a learning experience. Oh, remind me to thank whoever gave them the lighted light sabers.  They may be girlie girls, but they swing a mean saber!


acorn hollow said...

looks like lots of fun and the girls look so sweet. Our parade was Sat also but we were very cold and snowing.
still a large turn out.
It is great to live in a small town.

Cheltz said...

Wow! A Christmas parade? At night? In December? I'm glad the weather was nice for you! It looks like a good time!

Donna said...

We had almost exactly the same day....and yeah, the lighted saber was so much fun! (We paid $5 for ours....) Addy's face is priceless lookiing for Santa. Good job catching the moment! I posted about the parade too. Your prose was so much better than mine!!!!

Julia said...

That's a lot of floats and lots of work. I'm glad that there was a great turnout with the nice weather. The girls look very happy and having fun. Maybe next year you can be on one of your own float with your coworkers. Of course seeing Santa is usually the highlight of the parade.

It's been years since I've been to our Christmas parade.
I wonder where the kid in me went.


Cindy said...

A night time parade with lights pretty and fun!!

becky said...

Sa...weet, those little girls! Always love the holiday parade. Here, we call it the Parade of Lights.

Stacy Crawford said...

Kota and Alexa went and had a good time too.

Life 101 said...

Our Christmas Parade is next week. It always puts a smile on my face.

Darlene said...

Those girls are so adorable!! Honestly the picture of Addy when Santa approached is so fun! I wish I had some young ones around here to make our Christmas brighter. We are going to go to Sue's for Christmas, so will get to see ALL of her family, but her grandchilren are all three of them getting quite a bit older. Once they start school, they seem to lose a lot of that enchantment about Santa Clause. They pretty much know who Santa really is.

That parade was really something for a smallish town. I haven't seen a Christmas parade for years. I guess we will have to watch the big one on TV this year. Your "nice" day still sounds very cold to

That poor lady that broke all of those things must have really suffered. I am still so grateful that I didn't break my hip. I am getting a bit stronger though every day. It's a good thing too, because we have already had two Church parties this week that I have had to bake for and one still to come Thursday. I hope to post on my blog but don't know when it will be. I guess it is better to be busy though.

I do hope that Donna will recover rapidly from her surgery. I notice that she commented on this blog, so she must be doing pretty well. Give her my love when next you see her. What a time that gal has had. We will definitely keep her in our prayers.

By the way, I DO enjoy your long comments. I seem to make mine a whole lot longer than yours, so keep those LONG ones coming. I do so enjoy hearing about what you guys are doing. Still so sorry we missed visiting you.

Take care and enjoy the ya......Darlene

Kay G. said...

A small town parade and then, little giggling girls, can't get much better than that!

Kim said...

We've had the night time parade for years. I love it. People are "not allowed" to throw candy off of floats anymore. Here, people ( elves) walk along both sides of the street with the float and pass candy. It works great and no scary incidents

selvageedge said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I guess I need to start reading the TG to know what is going on in town before it happens. :)

vicki said...

Kay-- it was a magical evening wasn't it!! I love seeing the children's photos-- this was such a fun time for everyone!!

Have a wonderful weekend-- stay warm!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi honey I so love coming by here. You always have the best post. What fun a Christmas parade and that is a lot of floats. Your girls are so adorable. Love these pics of them. Think ofyou often and hope your doing good. Give donna a big hug for me.
Have a great weekend and thanks for coming by and commenting on my room. Will be glad when the furniture is painted. Do u still have the room like this one. Curious how others decorate one shaped like this room.
Love ya

Sandi said...

This post brought a smile to my face. What a joy it must be to live in a small town. I can't imagine anything like that happening around here.

Your granddaughter's are priceless, and especially that "I see Santa" photo! Love it!

Sue said...

Such cute kids! And a Christmas parade is always a cheery thing to see.