Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eye Work

The month of December in an operating room is the test of our endurance, patience, and determination to get it all done.  People are usually eager to get their surgeries in before the end of the year and when they have deductibles met.  I get that...I embrace the work that keeps us from the unemployment line! But it does make you weary too. Some are getting short tempered. Some are getting more overtime and are happy about that! Some got their knees injected with cortisone yesterday so they (me!) could continue to "get 'er done"...This part is a small shout out to our Donna...We Miss You in the eye room!
Stephanie is doing a bang up job...but I think she wants to hit Guppie with that cartridge...this week was a twofor eye week. Full days on Monday and Wednesday.
Yes, we may look like we're laughing but it's really us squinting to keep the tears from flowing!
I noticed Dr. Gupta was working in his stocking feet...he says he can feel the microscope peddle better with his shoes I got him some slippers...Chicago Bears slippers....they were a "White Elephant" gift from a few Christmases ago. He wore them all day...They scream "Dr" don't they?
I snapped a small piece of our Christmas decorating in one of the few windows in our surgery department. Well, it is a bit festive I think!
This has absolutely nothing to do with work...which is why I decided to show it..It makes me smile at the end of a long day. My new stove and microwave...I now have light over my cooktop. (when I remember I actually have a light! I've cooked without one for a while now) It also has a working vent fan. So now I can create lovely meals...but it's also a great place to put carry-out food! Well, I'm heading off to Chicago to see my Mom for our annual Christmas gathering with all my siblings. Should be a loud and fun good time. I'm looking forward to it. Have a good weekend everyone!


PoetessWug said...

Oooooo! I love the new kitchen 'diggs'! ^_^ We didn't get our new overhead microwave yet. Grrrr! It's taking a while longer than we thought! But hey! At least we're not having December surgery! ^_^ You have to find your peace wherever you can! LOL Enjoy Chicago!!

Jilda said...

I love your new stove! I got a new one too! Enjoy Chicago, I mentioned to Rick that I would love to go up and see my cousins and all the Christmas decorations! I hope your patients appreciate the good care you give them. I think my nurses get tired of hearing me say thanks!

Hilary said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip, Yaya!

Sweet Tea said...

Enjoy your time in Chicago - I remember the video you made of your Mom, so feel like I know her. . .Love the "doctor" shoes. LOL...the stove and microwave are a BEAUT!!

Sue said...

Your kitchen looks great, and your co-workers look like a fun group!

Hope you have the best Christmas ever with the family. I know you will!


Donna said...

Hahahahaha! The slippers look good on him!!
Have a wonderful time in the Windy City.....I'll be thinking of you!!

vicki said...

Kay-- only those of us who work in hospitals can truly appreciate this dry humor-- bless your heart for all that you do everyday.

Happy Holidays my friend--

Stacy Crawford said...

I'm drooling over your new set-up. We've also been cooking without a light.

Hope you enjoy your family and the drive!

Donna said...

PS. Your new kitchen looks just wonderful!!!

Rebecca Jerdee said...

Poor baby...a cortisone shot in the knees so you can keep working!

I hope you have a blast in Chicago and are free from all accidents :)

Doctor shoes made my laugh out loud :)

Cheltz said...

Wow! December is stressful anyway -- at least the slippers look comfy :). I'm sure you're a great coworker!

Life 101 said...

Too much fun in the OR. Why there autta be a law against that :)
Have fun in the big city.

karen said...

1. Love your new kitchen. Well done!
2. Have fun with your mom
3. Your coworkers and you make me smile. Thanks for all you do for your patients.
4. Merry Christmas to you and your family!