Thursday, May 10, 2012

Who's #3?

The little fidget in the tie dye shin guards and crazy pony tail is our Grandkiddo Lexi. She's #3 on her shirt, but #1 in our eyes on the soccer field. Plus she just celebrated her sixth birthday. I went this past Saturday to see her play and was very impressed by her skills. She's a powerhouse but she's also the littlest on the team.
She never stops moving..always ready to run, fight, score.
This gives a good picture of how little Lexi is compared to the rest of the players. She doesn't let that stop her. She's tough, she's fast, and she's a scoring machine! It's probably in her blood. Her Mom's brother is a super soccer player who actually gets paid to play!
Umm..notice the elbow? That might be a foul..but I'm not going to tell her!
You go girl! Great game!
Now this is the look of diehard fans...look how mad they are...look how mad Addy (Lexi's little sister in the purple coat) looks while still holding some little flowers she picked from the weeds around the field. Palin is her little friend and for some reason the two of them just cracked me up all morning.
Addy came and stayed with us after the game. She was so good all day. She found a few things to play this hula hoop. She did pretty darn good for a little 3yr old!
After an exhausted afternoon of playing I thought a treat was in order after dinner. We made some homemade strawberry icecream. Here's Addy's first taste...Does she like it?
Yep...Addy declares it the best she ever ate! Although she said it tasted like strawberry yogurt. I think that means she liked it? Well, her smile says she liked it!


Kim said...

She does look like a little powerhouse! But the best is the two little ones watching. LOL Cracks me up. It reminded me of the 2 grumpy guys from the balcony on the Muppet Show!

karen said...

Loved the soccer pics - my granddaughter Mia just started playing this year too and I love hearing about the fun she's having. They are the Chocolate Chip Destroyers (choc chips because the uniforms are brown and Destroyers in deference to the 2 boys on the team!) And what could be better than homemade strawberry ice cream? That Addy is one lucky girl!

rosaria williams said...

Oh, I can relate, indeed, spending all our moments watching kids play, practice, or coaching the teams, transporting the teams, and enjoying every little minute.

Your star is adorable.

Stacy Crawford said...

How fun! I need to get one of those ice cream makers. We would use it...a lot!

Julia said...

Great pictures of your granddaughter showing what she's got. Just too cute. Small but mighty and fearless.

My daughter used to play soccer in Junior High and High School. Now she gulfs and curls.

The two little young ladies in the chair are just priceless.

Have a great weekend. We are getting lots of rain here.
Hugs, JB

selvageedge said...

Looks like a fun day. What were Addy and Palin so ticked off about? So cute!

Sush said...

Oh my I love girls soccer! Lexi is one determined player.
I too am curios as to what had Addy so ticked? Time to go? Looks like a fun day for everyone!

Sue said...

I love the names those girls' soccer teams come up with!

You have the cutest grandkids!


Mrs Catch said...

She's a pocket rocket! Ever so cute. Her little cheer squad is too. And strawberry ice-cream? I can be there soon! Looks like a marvellous family day.

vicki said...

Oh she is adorable! Aren't grand babes the most fun ever!! You are going to have a busy summer keeping up with yours!

Christina said...

Such cute girls!....all your grandkiddos are :)

Darlene said...

My goodness, I had no idea that six year olds could play soccer like that. Lexi is great. She really gives it her all. I absolutely loved all the pictures of her and also her adorable little sister. They are both so darned cute. Addy also looked liked she was really enjoying her strawberry home made ice cream!! I haven't made homemade ice cream in years and years. Dick can't seem to find my ice cream mixer and I certainly don't remember giving it away. I'm just going to have to go through all the stuff in my garage. Ugh, what a job that will be!

Munir said...

Lexi seems like a sure promise. God bless her.
Happy Mother's Day. Your blogs and the pictures made me think of the word "Yaya" for the letter "Y". You are a perfect example of a terrific Yaya.
I have to catch up on reading your blogs and other blogs as well. I have been very sick (asthma attacks at night and work during the day had ran me down. Hope you and your family are doing good health wise.

Hilary said...

Absolutely adorable! I remember getting my kids to eat yogurt and hoping they'd think it's like ice cream. Go figure. :)