Friday, May 4, 2012

On Your Mark..Get Set...

Go Summer! Thursday afternoon was a beautiful sunny and warm day. My Granddaughter Summer was having a track meet so I headed over to her school to watch. I'm not up to speed (no pun intended) on track meets. I know she will do alot of running...and some jumping over hurdles...and some baton passing. This is her first year and she's enjoying it even though she says she always comes in last..which was not true on Thursday. She did great..although in this pic she looks a bit intense. I would too if I had to run, jump and sweat on this hot day. Well, she's young..
One of her things is jumping over these hurdles..I think they look..well, BIG! She's so little..really Summer, you're going to run and jump over all of these? I'm nervous.
Her head is down..she's ready..or is she praying about those hurdles? My poor baby!
She made it over all the hurdles without falling..I don't know why I thought that was even a possibility..oh yeah, that's because I did it once...Another story for another time. I should mention I wasn't on a track team either..don't ask.
He last heat was a she is getting ready for the "hand off" of the baton.
And she's off! I remember when I could do I mean..sigh..
The look of determination on her face and the constant improvement of her times is what I love about this Grandkiddo..she always strives to improve and never gives up!
Now that's a happy smile! Congrats Summer on a good meet..Mapleton took first place!
After the meet I stopped at my Son's house to pick up some pics that my Daughter-in-law took from prom. What did I find? These monkeys on the trampoline! Cameron was hard to catch without being blurry.
Anthony was a little easier to catch without blur..however I did notice Cameron's feet were barely touching the surface...way to "GO" guys!


PoetessWug said...

♫ Oh yes, I remember it well... ♫ I used to run and jump hurdles too! ^_^ Now?!...that's a story for another time. Ha! Ha! I loved the photos of Summer doing it though!

acorn hollow said...

It think it is so great you are able to go to her meets. she is a cutie for sure.

Donna said...

Summer did well....and she is so cute, especially in those GREEN shoes!! How fun to be able to go to their events. I loved the couple of soccer games we got to watch Cooper. You sound about as nimble as me in your side stories...we were a match in the old days I fear.
Too fun seeing the kids jump on the tramp...especially knowing Cameron's back story...too funny!!
As for the last post too which I read in Mac Donald's office on my phone....looks like it was a wonderful day. I, like you, would have loved the entertaining class. Looked like a lot of cool ideas.

P.S. Hope your weekend is quiet!!!!!!

Julia said...

Your cute granddaughter Summer is quite brave to be jumping over those hurdles. How nice of you to attend this sport event and take pictures. You're a wonderful grandmother.

My son used to be great at this sport and was a fast runner and my youngest daughter played soccer in all kind of nasty weather. She'd be wearing short and covered with cold wet mud and I'd be freezing in the car.

Have a great weekend, it's raining here today.

Stacy Crawford said...

Hurdles are scary. We've seen so many kids wipe out and bloody up their knees. Congrats on the win. Hopefully she'll continue on into high school and we really can sit with each other at the Mapleton invite.

Kim said...

Congratulations to Summer. I was holding my breathe reading, hoping she made it over those hurdles. That event always scares me. How do they get over those??

Loretta said...

She is such a pretty girl and quite athletic! Oh to be young and able to run like that...
Hope you have a great evening, don't forget to watch the Super Moon tonight! Hugs

CHERI said...

Congrats to Mapleton! Although I can't imagine anyone running unless they have to!!! Walking suits me just fine in this south GA heat! Sorry I haven't visited in awhile but life has been busy...3 ballgames with the grands just this week. But I'd rather be busy than bored:) Hope all is well with you and yours.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH how neat that you live close enough to go to her meets.
Summer is sooooo pretty and I admire her for belonging to the track team that is one event my short legs never could do.
So you will have to tell us about your hurdle jumping too.
Hope you had a marvelous weekend.
Love ya

Sue said...

What a darling girl Summer is. I think she was well-named. She's a sunny one!


selvageedge said...

That trampoline looks like fun! The hurdles, not so much. Glad Summer likes them though. :)

karen said...

I do love to watch people fun - probably because I can't do it myself anymore. Your granddaughter is so beautiful and the others are so cute. I'm envious that you have them close and are able to enjoy them often. Maybe one day we'll have someone at close hand too!

Sush said...

How exciting for Summer to be young and full of fun and energy! I am beyond impressed that she cleared those hurdles. I have always had a very big respect for anyone who can jump over those. You have a lovely family and your grandchildren are delightful!

Have a great week~Hugs!

Sandi said...

My gosh, what great photos of Summer! Someone is a great photographer!!

I have lots of photos of my girls, but they're always so far away that you can't tell who it is! These are wonderful!

Super that you are able to attend these events and support your grandbabies!

vicki said...

Are you a proud Grandma or what??? It's so much fun to watch the grandbabies in their activities. Your grand daughter is both beautiful and so athletic-- how wonderful that she excels!
Don't you wish you had the energy of the babes on the trampoline! Oh to be young again---- NOT!!