Monday, May 28, 2012

A Day For Remembering

The day was warm and sticky...a typical Memorial Day forecast for Ohio! I went into town to catch the annual parade. Jack hates the heat so he stayed home. I came around the corner and saw these two monkeys right off the bat! Lexi and Addy were getting into the spirit of the day.
The girls stood on the sidewalk and waved their flags and enjoyed the parade.
Once the parade was over I hiked to the town cemetery for the annual Memorial Day program. I love this memorial that was set up for the soldiers in Ashland who served in all the wars. The temps were really warm but in the shade with the breeze it wasn't bad. I enjoyed the band and the speeches and ceremonial 21 gun salute and taps at the end. It really gives you a great feeling to see the men and women in uniform and it gives us a chance to see the names of those that gave their lives. I'm so grateful to all of them.
The Civil War soldiers even showed up to fire the interesting side note here. The gentleman with the white hair actually collapsed after the canon went off and the squad had to come to take him to the hospital. I hope he's OK. Perhaps it was heat stroke. The temps were in the high 80's and the humidity made it worse. They were standing in the sun with those wool uniforms for a long time.
I clicked this pic because I thought the contrast of the Civil War era clothing next to the modern day woman clothing was an interesting shot! As hot as it was today I think the Civil War Belle would have liked to trade outfits!
Anyone who follows my blog has heard me complain about Mother Nature and her every attempt to sabotage any outdoor event we have here at the Pines. Today was no exception. The kids said they would be over at 5pm for a cookout and by golly the storm blew in right behind them! This is the size hail we had too. It stopped fairly fast and the rain eliminated my need to water plants tonight so I guess I should thank's a love hate relationship! After we ate, the outdoor fun could begin.
Phil and his friend Chase set up a homemade "slip and slide" on the backyard hill. After hosing it down and adding some oil it was ready.
Everyone waiting for their turn...
BFFs Lexi and Makensie..I probably spelled her name wrong..sorry! A great way to end a long but super fun day.
My attempt at creativity! Everyone came in after playing outdoors for some cake and icecream before heading out for home.
A final goodnight and thanks for all our wonderful men and women in the service of our great country.


acorn hollow said...

Sounds like a perfect day.
what a great idea for the kids.

Julia said...

Oh what fun this sliding must have been for the grandkids. From my perspectives the hill looks flat but I know that I'm seeing an illusion. The grandkids look like they are having lots of fun.

Wow, those hail nuggets are big. Nothing dampens your positive attitude. I love your patriotic small cakes.

Hugs, JB

selvageedge said...

Hmmm... I don't think we got any rain at all. Mother Nature definitely has it out for you! The slip and slide thingy looks like a lot of fun though.

Sue said...

That hail is HUGE. But it still looks like a super fun day!


Stacy Crawford said...

We were coming home from Mansfield when the storms were happening and missed the whole show.

I love you star cakes. Looks like the slip and slide was a big hit.

rosaria williams said...

Hot! Well, you took care of it with the slip and slide, a favorite still with the little ones. My goodness they are gorgeous!
And yes, your creative cookies fit right in with the celebration! Hope it cools off a bit for you. I can only imagine, btw, since we don't get anything past 70F here on this coast.

Bonnie said...

Awww, a Memorial Day parade! I haven't been to one in forever. Parades don't happen around here very often, which is sad. I love parades -- free candy! It was a hot day here, too. It wouldn't be Memorial Day without a ton of humidity and sweat.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

karen said...

What a perfect day you had! I loved your slip n slide. We used to make our own for our kids too out of long lengths of plastic. We didn't use oil, but I'm sure that's the magic ingredient for major sliding.
I'm glad the storm didn't spoil your day. The weather was perfect where we are - as it usually is - but we tend to take it for granted! A few good storms would help us appreciate what we have, that's for sure.

Christina said...

I wish they did more for Memorial Day down here. They didn't even have a parade. Boo! It looks like you guys had a super fun day though!

Darlene said...

I think it was pretty neat that you went to the parade. We were so very fortunate with our weather here. It was the coolest May we have experienced in our 23 years here in the desert. I couldn't believe it. I don't think any of our gang even wanted to try for a parade. There probably was one in Palm Springs but I'm sure there wasn't one here. They likely had something going at the park, but after playing golf, all our guys wanted to do was to jump in the pool and hang out the rest of the day.

I'll bet your gang had a great time and the kiddos must have loved the slide. It all looks pretty creative.

I couldn't believe the size of those hail stones. You really did have some crazy weather there.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So glad honey you had such a prefect day. I love your pics of the cuties. Nothing better than a parade.
You and Donna have been on my mind so much. I hope she is healing well.
Take care dear friend and have a wonderful week.
Oh I am having a giveaway probably tomorrow so I hope you can enter.
Love ya