Sunday, May 20, 2012

Final May Birthday

Our little Summer turns 14 tomorrow. However she'll be on the 8th grade Washington DC trip and her parents decided a quick Saturday breakfast birthday party was in order. It was fun to celebrate and also tell her goodbye and have a fun time. Also a good time to give cash as a gift for more fun power! PawPaw was in Columbus for a seminar, so YaYa was the rep from our family. Her other Grandparents were there and her best friend Bailey. The food was really good...I love breakfast food on the weekends because during the week it's always a quick bite at break time. Summer brings up the end of the crazy May birthday celebrations. (She's the 5th one this month!) Here's a pic of Summer on the right, with Bailey her best friend in the middle and her older sis Driana on the left.
My son Jack and his two boys..Cameron and Anthony. Yep, a 14yr. old who's not too cool to invite little brothers to the bash. I know she's having an all girl one next week because she wanted someone to please take the boys for the weekend when all her friends are there..then she'll be too cool for little brother intruders!
How do you fit a cake in the picture when it's a breakfast birthday party? Well, this served nicely as the cake and it tasted good too!
A small example of the other yummies that were served. A breakfast scramble of eggs, cheese and sausage was really good too. ( I was too busy eating it and forgot to snap a pic!)
Time to make a wish and blow out the candles on the breakfast cake.
May all your wishes come true! You are the coolest 14yr old I know!
After the birthday breakfast I headed over to the soccer field to catch the end of Lexi's last soccer game. Good job Lex! You were awesome and you deserve that cool medal! Doesn't her little face look red and hot? It was a beautiful day, just very warm.
Addylicious you are such a hambone!


Mrs Catch said...

Love your family pics. It's a nice way to start my day over here. The commentary is hilarious. Enjoy the warmth!

selvageedge said...

Such a beautiful young lady, and so grown up!!!

Enjoy you (certainly to be brief) respite from RS. :)

Julia said...

Happy Birthday Summer, what a beautiful teenager. Her sister and friend are also beautiful.

What a great idea to have a breakfast birthday celebration as a sent off. The food sounds yummy and I love that pastry Birthday cake substitute idea with the candles on. I hope that Summer will have a wonderful time on her trip.

That little one is sure a cutie with her rosy cheeks. They grow up so fast, it's good that you take a lot of photos of them.

Have a great week and if you see Donna, please give her a hug from me. I hope that she is doing fine the poor girl.

Love and Hugs for both of you.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey she is the most beautiful 14 year old I have ever seen. I hope she has a very Happy Birthday and a safe trip.
Looks like you guys had a fun time.
You have had a busy month of May with lots of Birthdays. I am the only one in my family with a May Birthday.
Hope you have a wonderful week

Stacy Crawford said...

Happy Birthday Summer. She shares my mother's birthday. We just had cake and ice cream there.

What a neat idea with the breakfast idea. Steph is always good with that.

Well, enjoy you stress free week. Enjoy the weight loss (off the shoulders) as the mantle passed today.

I love and appreciate you!

acorn hollow said...

Happy Birthday to summer.
you have very cute grand children and how lucky they are close by.

Bonnie said...

She is gorgeous! She is going to grow up to be quite the heart-breaker. :) I love the idea of a breakfast birthday celebration. I would need lots of waffles.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Sue said...

What a darling birthday girl.

Looks like fun for the whole family. And those kids are just too cute for words.


karen said...

What a fun family you have - and how lucky that you get to see them often! Happy Birthday to Summer - beautiful girl as pretty as her name. So now I see who your Lexi is - your Lexi is as cute as mine is!
I would love to have a breakfast out for my birthday. Mmmmm... breakfast...

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

A very happy birthday to your beautiful Summertime gal there! What fun the breakfast looked like and ya found the perfect solution for a cake!

It was good to see your family in your beautiful pictures and that little Addylicious pose cracked me up!

God bless and have an awesome day sweetie!!! :o)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What beautiful children!!! Your granddaughters are stunning! Happy Birthday Summer. The name fits her perfectly!

vicki said...

Kay - your grandchildren are so beautiful! They look like they would be SO much fun to be around -- you are so blessed. Your family is beautiful in every way.

The breakfast cake -- looks fabulous!


Terra said...

This looks like a fun party, and I like the birthday "cake" idea.

Darlene said...

Summer is such a beautiful girl and it is so nice that she will be experiencing her Washington D.C. trip. I think that is such a perfect age to take all that scene in.

Your breakfast food looks so yummy. Do you know when I like to eat breakfast? For dinner!! We do it occaisionally. I don't really like to eat breakfast as I don't get hungry until around 10:00 and sometimes I just wait until lunch. Not so great healthwise, but I do eat healthy lunches.

Loved your pictures, as always.