Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This Bud's For You

Our weather here in Ohio has been say the least. We had extremely warm weather all of March. No one complained because we never complain about warm air in Winter. However, it fooled the plants. We weren't fooled, we knew trouble would brew. Once March departed, April arrived..and so did cold, freezes galore and this week snow touched a few lake areas. It did not go well for Spring blossoms like my favorite Lilac. I had just a few blooms that survived the hard frosts. I decided I'd better pick the one and only bouquet I would be able to enjoy. So here it is in all it's glory. I have dark lilacs and the regular pale lilac and I even have white ones. The white didn't even produce a bloom. They must not have been fooled like their buddies were! Hopefully next year will yield a better vase full of joy. So these buds are for you...well, actually they were for me but I'm only to happy to share!


Julia said...

Awww, how nice of you to share your only surviving lilac blossoms with us. I'm real sorry about the frost damage, but hope reigns eternal and next year they will bloom in abundance.

My little Lady Kim lilac bush was damaged when we cut a huge maple tree in the back yard. Last year I only had a few blossoms and I am hoping for an abundance of blossoms. It's still too early to tell yet.

Hugs, JB

Sweet Tea said...

MMMMMMMM beautiful and I bet it smells good too!

Sue said...

I do love lilacs! And I'm glad you at least got a vase full.

This has been the strangest year for weather ever!


acorn hollow said...

You are ahead of us for sure. I love lilacs oh they smell so good.

Munir said...

You have a natural talent for flower arrangements. This is the first time I saw white Lilacs. Wow !
In New York, the Dogwoods and the cherry blossoms got damaged.

Kim said...

Thanks. Lilacs are my favorite. You are way ahead of us. I don't even see a leaf on my lilac tree yet.

PoetessWug said...

They may be few, but 'they be beautiful'!! :-]

Linda said...

Your Lilacs are beautiful. The weather has been quite mixed up. Hot, cold, rainy. It's a wonder we have any flowers or plants. They are confused.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Lilac's! They are beautiful. They used to grow over our porch when I was little and I still remember them. It's sad that they were frozen out. Do you think the white ones will bloom later? That would be wonderful

It's nice that you are replacing your tree's. Fruit tree's...I still have a hard time realizing I finally have a few! It's exciting just to go look at those tiny bits of fruit..
I was told it would be at least three years before there would be I am wondering if I am getting all excited for nothing! :)

Stacy Crawford said...

Wish I could get the smell too! It would be just what the Doctor ordered.

Check your email when you get a sec.

Sandi said...

I'm glad you were able to get at least one bouquet of those lilacs! I have one in my house, too. I only have the light purple ones blooming at the moment. I have two french lilacs that smell heavenly when they bloom, but it will be another month I think. I bought a dark purple one last Saturday, with a few teeny tiny buds. I'm not sure I'll see actual blooms this year, but if I do, I'm going to snap a picture!

Sush said...

Oh I love lilacs! Surprisingly with the warm winter we had ours went ahead and bloomed. Not as many blooms as last year, but enough to make the yard smell purty!

Kerri said...

Lilacs remind me of my grandma...she always had a big beautiful bush next to the house. The smell of them always brings back memories. I really should plant one. You don't see as many here as you do in Ohio.

rosaria williams said...

I love lilacs; these are most beautiful!
It seems that we were all fooled by Mother Nature this year.
We are presently enjoying a few minutes of sunshine, followed by a few minutes of rain.
I'm counting how many minutes of each and I can say for sure that I don't know how to count when sun and rain occupy the same space and time.

Wait...It's now cold and hailing...


I love lilacs too. R is babying one or two plants along hoping they will grow. Deer try to clean out everything we plant new.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind wishes. I know I'll feel better. WE all have the bad days to content with.
The weather here does not help.
I still like Ohio in spite of her weather.
Have a great week end. Barb

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey I thought of you when I saw the weather report for your area. I said Oh No not again.
Your lilacs are so pretty I just wish you had more to share with us but I appreciate these very much.
I can almost smell them too.
Enjoy them while you can
Have a wonderful and hopefully warm weekend
Love ya

Donna said...

Bet it smells wonderful too!