Sunday, April 1, 2012

Enjoy Life!

This weekend Jack and I headed out to visit my Mom in Chicago. My son Craig and his family were going to be in the area visiting his wife's family so we thought it would be a great time to get together and see them too. My Sister then decided to make it a family get-together and have a little early Greek Easter. She and my brother Greg put together a pit to roast lamb and the plans just kept on rolling. It turned out to be a bigger gathering than what I had anticipated with my other brothers coming with their kids and grandkiddos...I wish I had brought my kids and grandkiddos from Ohio with us when I realize how big this was going to be. It was a fun weekend with family, friends, food and most of all...happy memories. But first we had to have the best Chicago pizza in the world. So we ordered a couple of these beauties on Friday night...Yummo is all I have to say! (Not to mention calorie overload!)
Now that's how pizza is done right!
Saturday morning dawned chilly and cloudy and damp. But we had high hopes that the sun would shine and the temps would rise. It did just that. The temps were in the 60's later on but in the shade it was cool. We enjoyed the time outdoors anyway! Midge and I put the table cloths on and I thought the yard looked really nice.
My Sister and Mom made beautiful loafs of Easter bread for every family.
The lamb was done to perfection..and not pictured were the delish chickens roasting on the grill and all the other yummies that got grilled up for us.
What? You don't have Greek statues at your family gatherings?
I think we had enough food for an army...speaking of that, I think we actually did have an army!
My Mom was making sure the crowd was well taken care of. She tromped all over that yard!
We had a good showing of little kiddos! This is a swing full of cousins. We had games set up for them but they also found enough things to do to keep busy all afternoon.
My Niece's little daughter Brooke thought up the games. She wanted to do the egg race so we lined them up and handed out spoons and eggs. It was a fun game that everyone enjoyed.
They're off! We did this game a few times over and I'm not sure who the winners turned out to be!
On your mark, get set...GO! Some of the parents teamed up with their kiddos for the 3 legged race.
My Daughter-in-law Amy with her son of the 3 legged race!
Next was the Easter egg hunt. Instructions were given out by my Sister and everyone got their baskets and headed for the front yard.
Taylor and Katie had success!
Sophie found some eggs too!
The games all done, the Easter egg hunt over and all the cousins have smiling faces!
A quick pic with my Son Craig's family before they had to head out.
This was the one we took first. My Sister noticed something wasn't right...Sophie thought it was the perfect time to grab PawPaw's mustache..and he did too! He's as bad as the kiddos!
So, let's do what this sign says..what the theme of our weekend get-together was...let's enjoy this wonderful life we've been given.


acorn hollow said...

it sounds and looks completely wonderfu!

Barbara F. said...

Looks like a wonderful time! The lamb looks delicious. Happy Easter! xo

Julia said...

Hi Yaya, such a nice family gathering and the photos tells such a great story. It must have been real nice to see everyone and the food looks spectacular.

I'm so glad that Donna is home and that she is recuperating, surrounded with people who loves her.

I just got back from a 3 day at The 4th Maritimes Fiber Art Retreat in Nova Scotia, Canada and I'm trying to play catch-up with my emails and blog friends.
Hugs. JB

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi honey
Great post. You had quite the gathering and how fun it was I know for you to see everyone.
Life is way to short so like you mentioned we need to enjoy Life.
I know I enjoy my visits here
Love ya

selvageedge said...

Next time you have a big gathering I'm ordering carryout! Everything looks great and it appears to have been a hit. Sophie is an eggspert at this Easter stuff. :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I absolutely was in heaven reading this was just great!
There is nothing like get togethers! Nothing!

Kim said...

That looks like so much fun. And the food.....I think I need to find a Greek family to adopt me.

Kerri said...

That pizza looks so GOOD! And the tables in the backyard look so pretty!

Sue said...

What a great get-together with the family!


Stacy Crawford said...

That Greek Easter looks so yummy! Your family always has such great feasts!

That Chicago pizza looks great! I had it once in Michigan, you know a knock off. It was good there, but I bet the authentic stuff is the best!

Happy Easter Yaya! See you Sunday.

CHERI said...

Now that's what I call perfect family time together! How wonderful for all of you. Now I'm off to the kitchen for a late night snack because your post has made me very HUNGRY!

Hilary said...

What a beautiful family gathering. The food looks so yummy and the faces so happy. Thanks for allowing us this peek into your event.

Sandi said...

What a lovely family gathering! This reminded me of our family Easter celebrations when my grandma was still alive. There were always scads of grandkids, lots of easter eggs hidden and found, and wonderful food and fellowship. I miss those days, as now everyone is scattered in several states, and the kids are all grown up.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful, happy faces!

Donna said...

Sounded like you had just a wonderful weekend...and you have the pictures to prove it!! The kids look so cute...and after a three legged race?! Love the pic of your family with Craig's!
The backyard looks just beautiful...that Midge and your mom...they sure knows how to do things!! You mom looks great,...and busy! The food all looks so yummy!
Next time, bring home a piece of that Chicago pizza!! (Gino's or Connies???)

Darlene said...

Looks like a great time was had by all.

I guess I haven't read your blog for awhile because I haven't felt that great lately and just haven't taken much time to read blogs. Also we have been very busy too. I had no idea about Donna and her breast cancer. My sis had to have a radical mastectomy. It was her choice but it must have been a good one because she was never bothered with it again during her lifetime and she lived many years after that. I'm so grateful that she is doing okay.