Friday, April 13, 2012

Flowers & Fire For Friday

No, I'm not participating in any A-Z challenge like a few of the blogs are. The F words just seem to fit perfect for tonight! It's been a week (almost) since Easter but I wanted to show some flowers that I put together for last Sunday. It's waaaaayyyy too early for flowers here but the trees are in bloom and I took a few branches of blossoms and put them in a vase and voila'...instant centerpiece!
Arts and crafts are not my fact I usually call my attempts "Arts and Crap"...but I think this little egg ditty turned out OK. I had to include this new bunny I found at my favorite little shop "Backdoor Primitives"..I thought he was cute too!
It was a beautiful day today..even though I spent most of it indoors at work..I kept thinking it would be the perfect night for a fire. It's been dry and no wind tonight plus the temps were nice. Jack put together a nice fire and when it burned down a bit it was time for these:
Mmmmm...these little steaks were so delish! We couldn't decide if they were that good or we were just that hungry! But I'm taking in the fact that I marinated them nicely and the wood fire added just the right amount of smoky they were so tender they almost melted in your mouth!
Maybe it was the Chef? Whatever...good job Jack!
Eddy just was waiting for his share!
Ok, so what it the glop next to the meat? Well, I was debating about what to make with it and Jack suggested just throwing a bunch of veggies and some mushroom soup together and it worked! It had a nice flavor from the fire too. Dessert? Well first I made some banana know what I mean right? You take bananas and slice down the middle and fill them with chocolate chips and then wrap them in foil and put them on the fire. I also filled one with peanut butter eggs left over from Easter. They sort of burned. So I did follow it up with a key lime pie I had in the freezer. All in all it was a nice Friday night fire. The food was great, the company (just Jack and I and Eddy) was greater, and the relaxing sizzle and warmth of the fire made it perfect Friday the 13th.


Sandi said...

Sounds super delicious!! What a nice end to the week. It's been a hectic one here . . . We had a nice dinner . . . out!

Love your floral centerpiece. I was just inspecting my lilacs. They are not ready to bloom, yet, but getting close. Maybe I'll chop a few off and bring them in like you did!

karen said...

It all looks so good! Love your centerpiece - flowering branches are beautiful! The first time I ever saw someone build a fire on their grass was in Ohio - some friends outside of Columbus. It was so much fun! If you tried that here in California, someone would call the police. I envy you that you can do things like that.

Kerri said...

We've been a little cool in the evenings which make for a perfect fire...except we haven't had one yet this spring...I'm putting it on my list!
Enjoy your weekend!

Julia said...

I love your beautiful flowering arrangement, the Easter egg centerpiece and that cute bunny. My Easter bunnies are still on display too.

Nothing like a nice steak cooked on the fire pit. It always taste better cooked outside. It sounds so romantic, just the two of you...

I love cooking with Campbell Cream of Mushroom soup and put some in my potato scallops yesterday and it was so good with bit of colorful steamed veggies on the side.

Have a great weekend. Hugs, JB

Sue said...

Beautiful flowers and fire...

And that steak looked pretty good, too! (I could almost smell the BBQ...)


rosaria williams said...

How fun to be able to visit and cook and eat outdoors. Love your bouquet!

Munir said...

That flower arrangement is gorgeous. The Easter Eggs display is a great idea. Too bad you are not doing the A to Z cause this would really make a good "F" blog.
I think that mushroom soup is a life saver. We do a lot with that too.
I like the name of the store where you picked up the bunny.
Thanks so much for your concern. I still feel run down. I will be OK though. Thanks:)

selvageedge said...

Was that bunny that you found Uncle Wiggily? Cute! And did Eddy get the third steak?

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

YOU are just about the most comfy person I know! Ok..bloggy FRIEND I know! I loved this post because it nice and unassuming. A couple of snaps of just exactly what you plumbing the pillows..I don't know. It just plain made me happy!
P.S. LOVE the bunny and your centerpiece was gorgeous..amazing what a few branches can do..isn't it?

Stacy Crawford said...

We went out Friday and thought boy it would be nice to set by the fire. We should have stopped by!

BTW you are looking great! Good job on the weight loss.

Bonnie said...

You did a great job with that egg craft plant thing. I wish I could do stuff that requires talent like that. Alas, I have no creative bone in my body when it comes to things outside of fashion and writing. LAME BALLS.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Rakel said...

love your photos!! :)

Donna said...

I can almost smell the camp fire from here...yummo to all of your fire roasted food!! Jack would be the prefect scout master fire-man! Your dinner looks delish...but my Greek one was better!!!

Thank you, -friend!

Sush said...

Oh me oh my, I am drooling over your dinner from start to finish! What a lovely way to dine! I'm so glad you are enjoying this Spring. I love your flower arrangements they are just the free flowing type I love...

Hope said...

we are longing for days like that. Winter doesn't seem to want to leave us and what made it worse was the fact we went to California in Feb and was spoiled by the lovely weather.

anyways. love your photo's and the fact that you share your cooking talents with us. your food looks great as it always does!

love your new look. It is so springy!
hope you are well
take care

Darlene said...

Since I haven't even touched the computer since I've been sick, I am going to comment on your WONDERFUL Easter celebration on this too. Honestly, that is what an Easter Celebration should look like. You are so fortunate to be able to see many of your family so often. We don't see many of ours, unless we go there. Our Easter was pretty dull as I had to stay home and Dick was at church until late afternoon.

This last weekend sounds WONDERFUL too. Your dinner made me hungry and I haven't been that way for quite some time. I love the way you fixed your vegetables and am going to try that next time we get a few on hand. Occaisionally that happens beacause we both love vegetables and somtimes get a little too many varieties of left overs. Dick usually makes a frittata then, but I am going to try this way next. So please thank Jack personally for me because for some reason that way never occurred to me.

Judi Kucera said...

Your food looked better than ours!! :-) Looks like you had a fun day.
I saw on Donna's post that you made some delicious Greek pastries... lucky! My mouth watered just looking at them. (I need to borrow my dog's drool cloth) Eddy looked mighty handsome, too.