Tuesday, April 3, 2012


How does the song go?..."There are faces I remember..all my life.." Well this weekend I took many pictures to remember these faces forever. Not that I could really forget them since I grew up with a few of them. But I feel bad because when I see these I also see ones I didn't get..like my brother Phil, some of the other nieces and nephews and their kiddos. It's hard to capture everything when trying to participate in the activities also! (I guess that's why they hire professional photographers at weddings!) But more than anything it's the faces that I wish were here...the ones in Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and other spots on the map. And the ones embedded in our memory and on our hearts that I hope are looking down from heaven and smiling on this family get together. Their faces are never forgotten either. So here's the final snipets of faces that I remembered this weekend.
Oops! I guess this wasn't the first face we wanted to see! But the lamb was yummy!
Jack looks very contemplative doesn't he? He's probably thinking: 1) How in the heck did I end up in this crazy family..2) What should I eat first..3) Which one of the group wanted an adjustment..or finally 4) Why did I buy my wife a new camera for Christmas...Yep, I'm betting on #4.
My brother Greg and his wife Deidra. So cute!
My Mom and her cousin George. The only true Greeks left in our family because they actually can speak the language. Such a shame. Maybe I need that Rosetta Stone language tape to get me in the club!
Rick..My Brudda from the same Mudda...even though he lives in Wisconsin he still must love DA Bears!
My brother Greg and his family: Deidra his wife, Vicki his daughter and her daughters Megan, Rachael, and Meadow (twins) and then just for good measure my Mommo!
Mom with her great-granddaughter Megan.
My Sister's daughter Amy with her daughter Ella.
It was a bit chilly out so gathering around the fire to chat was a must. And chatting is something my family could get a gold medal for if it was an Olympic sport!
Where to find Mom? Deep in conversation as always!
Amy and her funny older Sister Katie!
Ok, one more time without the sillies getting in the way!
What did I say about Jack being the biggest kid of all? Need I say more?


Munir said...

Ella is cute. Your Mom is adorable. Hold on to her tight.
That fire looks very inviting.
I am so glad that Jack is like a kid.We all need to be some times.
Thanks for sharing the pics.

Munir said...

Ella is cute. Your Mom is adorable. Hold on to her tight.
That fire looks very inviting.
I am so glad that Jack is like a kid.We all need to be some times.
Thanks for sharing the pics.

Kerri said...

Hi Kathy, just wondering if I could get your email...I have a question. Mine is ekbburns1@yahoo.com

Loretta said...

What a beautiful family you have! A treasure indeed, for there are so many others wishing to have what you have here! Love this Post! Hugs

karen said...

I loved all of your pictures! I actually read both posts, but I am lazy and will only comment once! What a great family gathering. It's hard to get everyone there, but you did a great job, judging from all of the pictures. I would love to be able to do this.

Sue said...

Such wonderful faces in your family.



So happy to see all your family gathered around. I love reunions and get togethers like this.
Everyone smiling and catching up.
Yes, my family are talkers too. So you'd have some olympic competition from us!!! When I married my husband who came from a quiet bunch, he thought we were all mad, as in crazy, talking all at once and often trying to talk over each other, plus laughing at the same time.
God bless you!!
Have a lovely spring. Barb

Sandi said...

Ah, the rest of the story! Lots of fun photos of your beautiful (and handsome) family!

Deb Shucka said...

What a wonderful gathering. Memories made that will become stories for future generations, I'll bet. I love the last picture especially. And your mom. I hope I'm half that gorgeous when I reach her age (I hope for that, too!).

acorn hollow said...

your family looks so wonderful! Your mom looks amazing!

PoetessWug said...

Very nice! :-) But I looked up the song too because I thought it said "places"...Aha! ^_^


Darlene said...

I loved looking at all of your family pictures, and oh my gosh, how I would have loved to dig into that lamb. It is by far my favorite meat. It is so hard to get now, and so expensive, but I still have to have my lamb experience so Dick buys those yummy thick lamb chops that you get at Costco and we eat them every other week.

I particularly loved the picture of your mom with her cousin George. They are so cute! It is just too bad though that they are the only ones left that can speak Greek. It's also sad you didn't learn a second language when you had the chance growing up with her. My dad spoke Swedish, but he never spoke it around any of us as he figured when he came to America he was going to leave his language behind when he married my mom and they started a family. I was only ten when he died, so I never really heard him speak it. His sisters always spoke both languages and so all of our cousins on Dad's side could speak Swedish and my sis, Helen, was particularly upset about it, as she used to visit her cousins when she was younger and when they spoke Swedish in front of her, she always thought they were talking about her. All of my brothers and sisters are so much older that I was so I don't remember any of this, except from stories they have told me. They are all gone now and I am the only one left. All my siblings are dead too. It's tough being the youngest.

I loved the picture of all the family standing around the fire. That is where I would have been, believe me. It seems like I am always cold.

Hope you got to read my actual blog that I did tonight, not just the pictures.

Julia said...

Yaya, you are lucky to still have your mom. Your family pictures are lovelyl and your mom looks so wonderful and interesting to listen to. I imagine that she has lots of great stories to tell.

Looking back at these pictures in a few years will really be a treasure. I love family gatherings but I live about three and a half hours away from mine. Since my mom passed away I don't go visit as often . working everyday on the farm doesn't help either.

Have a great Holy Week. JB

Sush said...

Hi Kathy...Oh my I go away for a Lenten Sabbatical and find I've missed so much. I'm so sorry to hear about Donna, but relieved that the surgery is over and she is rebounding like her fantastic self.
Looks like you are had a wonderful time with your family..


Stacy Crawford said...

I don't know I bet he's thinking about the food.

What a great family gathering. Lot's of fun!

selvageedge said...

Did your mom try to get you to learn Greek when you were young?

vicki said...

You have a beautiful family- I love seeing the little random photos of everyone having a good time- that's what family is all about. Your Mom is a cutie! I'd love to meet her!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend-/

CHERI said...

What wonderful family photos! My husband, like Jack, is a big kid too...and I wouldn't want it any other way. He keeps things fun. Hope you and ALL your family have a blessed Easter.

Donna said...

Love seeing your mother's cousin George after all you've said about him!!! Such nice family photos...have I told you I envy your family gatherings??