Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You've Got A Friend...Lots Of Them!

I was given permission today to post about this subject. A few weeks ago Donna (Starkey Hollow)my BFF, good walking buddy, best blog buddy, and sort of relative...our hubbies are cousins but we claim each other!, said the words that made my heart stop..."I have a breast lump". She immediately went to the Doctor, had an ultrasound and found out the news was not good. She has breast cancer. Since that time she's had an MRI that showed a large lump that is almost to her chest wall. She will have a complete mastectomy tomorrow. The days and weeks ahead will be a journey that she saw her Mother go through....her Mother saw Donna's Grandmother go through this too. Donna is a nurse, a very good nurse. She knows what will be required of her. We just want her to know that she is not alone. All her coworkers have tried in their own ways to show support, love and "what can I do to help" attitude. Her family and church family and other very close friends are there for her too. I know her blogging friends will be praying for her. Tomorrow I will stand next to her at the operating room table as a member of her surgery team. I will do as I have done for more than 35yrs..set up the room, prepare the instruments, help the surgeon, and do the best job possible for the best outcome. The other teams in the other operating rooms will be doing the same for their cases, but all us will have Donna in our prayers, thoughts and hopes that this will be the first step in her recovery and cure of this stupid disease. To make sure she knows how much we are thinking of her we surprised her today with a little party. I know you must think that is strange to have a party for such a serious thing...but we know Donna. She has a very upbeat attitude, is trying to get through this with courage and also a sense of humor. So the following are pics of her day.
We did what we do best in any situation...happy, sad, congratulation, name it we will have a carry-in of food to honor it!
When she came in the break room and saw the tables of food, and saw that it was for her, she was overwhelmed... then the sign said it all.
Then she looked up and saw this! The one thing bigger than Donna's heart is her sense of humor...she loved it!
Besides flowers and food she received this lovely blanket made by one of the nurses we've worked with for more than 25yrs...We have been with each other through family crises, divorces, parent deaths, happy times of kiddo graduations, weddings and Grandkiddos...and we'll be here for this too.
Truer words were never written.
Not the best pic of us, but hey, it was the end of the day and Donna was just finishing up her last eye case and I was getting ready to head for home. We're used to seeing each other dressed so lovely!
This is Suzie with Donna. Suzie made this beautiful blanket for Donna to wrap up in and feel all the warmth and strength of caring that's being sent her way. Beautiful job Susie!
You do have all the love and support of your coworkers, friends, church friends, family and bloggers. Good luck tomorrow and know that you're never alone, God loves you, and now let's kick this in the butt!


Barbara F. said...

Wishing your friend Donna all the best, looks like she will have an overload of love and support, and I believe that is vital for the fight that is ahead. Keeping her inmy prayers. ((hugs)) xo P.S. Thanks to all of you nurses who take good care of us

rosaria williams said...

Oh no!!! Do give her my best wishes for a speed recovery.

PoetessWug said...

:-( I'm so sorry for Donna...but she's got the best thngs going for her...good friends...and a good attitude!...Sending good thoughts for tomorrow.

Kim said...

Oh no. Donna had indicated in a couple of comment responses to me that she had something going on but I never imagined it was this.
I will be praying. She will have the support from all over.
Please keep us posted.

Hilary said...

Sending my best thoughts to your dear friend, Donna. Your a good friend, Yaya, and she'll do great with you and your team in her corner.

Munir said...

Hugs to Donna and to you too Yaya. You must be devastated too. Let Donna know that she will be in our prayers, please let us know if there is anything at all that we can do. I know that my blogger friends are hundreds of miles apart, but still we will do our best.
I hope that the results of your hubby's col. are fine. I have missed a week's blogs as we did not have our telephone services and internet. I am reading blogs whenever I get a chance now. Take care.

Julia said...

Yaya I'm truly sorry to hear that my blogger friend Donna has breast cancer. Getting that new is so shocking as we never think that it will happen to us and one day it's our turn.

What has helped me the most through breast cancer was all the love and caring support that I got from my family, friends and church community and having Jesus by my side. I had a radical mastectomy for stage 3 breast cancer. I won't bore you with the long story to recovery.

I'm sending some big hugs and love to Donna and will add her to my prayers, also sending her lots of courage. Yaya, I'm so glad that you are there for her. God bless you my friend. Hugs. JB

Stacy Crawford said...

You guys are awesome! I love what you did for her today. Thank goodness for the administering angel keys you have!

Maybe this is why you are RS president. I had a sacred experience with that rite.

Good luck to her and your team! I'll be praying too.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Thanks honey for doing this post.
I was hoping that you were going to be there holding Donna's hand when she was having surgery.
My prayers have been constant for her since she told me of her lump.
If you don't mind honey could you send me her address.
I love you both

Sweet Tea said...

My heart is so touched by all this love for your friend. I'll be watching for an update telling us how Donna is doing tomorrow. If I were on that surgical table I would find it great comfort to know you were there with me. God bless and keep you strong gals who will walk this path with her.
We MUST find a cure to this hideous, sneak of a disease.

karen said...

I know all of you will be doing your very best to watch over Donna tomorrow. I'll say my prayers as well on her behalf. This makes me sick - please give her a little hug from me!

joanne said...

Donna can't help but win in this situation with all the love and support she has of her wonderful friends, family and her Lord. I think that party was absolutely wonderful!! take care..;j

connie g said...

You said it all! Donna is a very special part of our "family". She is in great hands tomorrow with her surgical team, and in Gods greater hands! My prayers continue for her healing.

becky said...

I'll be in the cheering section :)

selvageedge said...

Gotta love all the "support" your team gave her! Donna is in my prayers for a quick recovery, and her surgical team for steady hands while working on their friend.

Kerri said...

Not the kind of news I wanted to hear this morning about my blogging friend Donna. :( I will be keeping her in my prayers. How wonderful though that she has the support and love of so many friends and co-workers. Please Please please let us know how she is doing periodically. I have two close friends that just beat this stupid disease...and I feel with Donna's positive upbeat outlook she will come out on top of this.

Sue said...

I am so sad to learn this, Kathy. I am putting her name in the temple and will be praying for her.

And you.


Jennifer said...

Prayers for Donna..."when you walk through the water I will be there"
Love, Jennifer aka Gigi

Life 101 said...

I'm sorry to hear about Donna, but I choose to believe that she will be fine. I know she's in good hands.

Sweet Tea said...

Stopping by this evening. I am praying Donna did fine in surgery and is recoupping nicely. She has been on my heart today

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hey honey I just now found your note
that you sent me an email so I went and checked emails.
Could not find yours. Did you send it to
Sorry for bothering you when you have so much on your plate
Love ya

Bonnie said...

I am wishing Donna all of the best, most awesome thoughts in the world. I have been going to a specialist for the past two years because I have a lump on my breast, as well. They don't think it is cancerous, but it is still unnerving. I can only imagine what she is going through. Send her my good vibes! :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Sandi said...

Oh Yaya,
I am praying for miracles, good health and healing for your dear friend Donna. Breast cancer has devastated my husband's family (every single female . . . only one sister living) and I had my own brief encounter. (luckily early and radiation has kept me clear for 7 years now)

Thank you for posting and allowing us the opportunity to raise Donna up.
Big hugs to you and your friend.

vicki said...

OMG - you have made my heart stop with this news~~ I love Donna - she is such a gracious and sweet person. I am holding her in my prayers from now forward. You are a dear and precious friend to share this with us all. I thank you for letting me know so that I can begin to pray for her. Please so keep us updated on her progress and tell her that I love her and send her my very best wishes.

Love Vicki

Mrs Catch said...

Oh no! That's terrible. Tell Donna I'm praying hard for her. How lovely that you will be there for her surgery. Support helps so much.

Judi Kucera said...

Beautifully written, Kathy! As friends and coworkers, you guys are awesome. I know the love and support you showed her helped immeasureably in getting her through a very stressful day. The medical profession is well known for their perceived "inappropriate" sense of humor, but THANK GOD for it! I also want to know what you are doing with all those cool colorful bras... appear to be just my size!!!