Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Surprises

With the warm and wet weather we've been having I thought I would head up into the Creepy Woods with Eddy to see if we could spot any mushrooms so I could let my friends know they can come and pick to their hearts content. Well, I was looking for shrooms...Eddy was just enjoying the walk. He loves to explore every nook and cranny. I really didn't spy any shrooms but I found a few surprises.
I found these cute little wildflowers growing everwhere. They are very tiny. Don't ask me the name of it...I just call it "cute".
Further down the trail I see what looks like daffodils growing in the middle of nowhere. Transplants that somehow got dropped here.
Not too far from these little dudes more daffodils are growing right in the creek. I guess the bulbs must have washed down stream. A nice surprise!
Yep, that's a daffodil alright. You just never know what you might come up on in the Creepy Woods!
No, this isn't some crazed wild dog whose toenails need clipping. It's just Eddy giving my the "hairy eyeball" to put down the stinkin' camera and get a move on! I had to get back ASAP because I broke my own rule this month and had to get back to do it...What you may ask? Mow the lawn. I cannot believe I actually mowed the lawn in March. I had too though because it was getting so high that I would need a much bigger mower than I own to tame it! My other rule was no AC until atleast May. I sure hope I can keep that rule!
A sure sign that warm weather and Spring have arrived is this tree outside one of the few windows in the surgical suite. It's this lovely blossom beauty that will show us another beauty show in the fall. The only thing I don't like about it is the smell..and they have a ton of them in our parking lot. I'm good at holding my breath because it's worth putting up with the smell to feast on the loveliness of it.
Speaking of work...It's not just pretty trees that we get blessed with. It's nice patients that take the time to say "thanks" to our staff. One of our patients made these adorable cupcakes for us. This is just a sample of the ones that we received. The breakroom looked like "Cupcake Wars"! It's nice to feel appreciated!


joanne said...

such a nice friday night post! Makes me want to go daffodil hunting this weekend. I live in the official "Daffodil Valley" and there is not a single one blooming yet! Those little white flowers? My hubs just pulled out a bunch of them thinking they were weeds. Gah, they are the only thing blooming leave them alone, ha! take care and have a nice weekend.

Linda Hoye said...

Spring is in the air! We actually had sunshine today!

Happy spring weekend!

Sweet Tea said...

Your Eddy is quite handsome and could definitely be intimidating. I bet he enjoyed being your bodyguard on your walk...We've already got our ac on.

karen said...

What kind of tree is that pretty white one that's stinky? It really is lovely right now. And aren't daffodils the most cheerful surprise when they come up? Your neck of the woods is certainly looking like spring - so pretty! And whoever made those cupcakes is very clever - so cute!

selvageedge said...

Keep showing us pictures like these and we won't believe your woods are creepy at all. :)
I almost broke down and turned on the ac yesterday. Just as I was about to, I felt a cool breeze wash in and within just a few minutes the temperature dropped several degrees. Hopefully we can hold off now for a few months. Just a few years ago we made it into July without the air on. You never know around here.

PoetessWug said...

How nice to be surprised with pretty flowers!....And guess what?...We had to turn the A/C on for the last couple of days for me! We had 80 something weather, and it was soooo humid! I can take the heat, but the humidity is another story!...Clearly I don't have, nor would I follow, any rules about not turning it on!!! LOL

Sue said...

Spring is definitely arriving!

And I'm glad someone brought you guys those cupcakes. You deserve them, I'm sure!


Sandi said...

I just love daffodils! Mine are just beginning to bloom out front.

After reading your comments, I decided to go get a strep test, which was negative. The doctor said I just have a nasty case of the miserable ole flu.

I'm a little more human feeling tonight, hopefully by tomorrow I'll feel good enough to finish my grades!

Thanks Yaya!

Stacy Crawford said...

I wondered if you were going to make it another week. Kota mowed our lawn Thursday too. We were actually talking about putting in our window AC units, but noticed the temperature was going to break. Weird and nice weather all at the same time!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi honey
I always love to wake up and find a friend like you saying hello to me on my little site.
Glad my post came at a time you needed it. I know about your friend and I have been sending prayers up to heaven day and night for her.
I could not find her email address to write her.
Honestly she was on my mind so much is the reason I did this post.
Give her my best.
Your Eddy scared me for a minute I thought some wild dog strayed to your house. hahaha
Glad you know him because he has a serious look about him.
Would you believe I have been mowing and I am talking every day that it is not raining for months now. Never have I had to mow out here in winter. So I know a little of how you felt mowing in March except up where you live is really a surprise.
Sorry I don't get by as much as I would like but that doesn't mean your not in my thoughts. This North forty work has got me exhausted and it is only March. This ole woman could be in trouble come summer.
Take care sweet friend

CHERI said...

Hi, Yaya! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad you like the fountain. In fact, we too pulled up a very large and very old gardenia bush that had just played out. We decided to move the fountain there and I'm really liking it...although would love to have a new fountain...maybe next year! I always enjoy your walks in the doesn't look creepy at all. Love those cute cupcakes! It's always nice to be thanked even when we don't really expect it.

Christina said...

Aww that is super nice! They're way cute cupcakes, too. I wish I could do that. I hope we can keep the a/c off until May, too! I love the popcorn popping. :)

Darlene said...

I love that Eddy. He is my kind of dog. I should think I would love to tate a walk with him through the creepy woods that seems to be waking up to spring in a very beautiful way. Sorry you didn't find any mushrooms, but you did receive some lovely surprises. I absolutely love daffodils and to think you received these volunteer ones is quite wonderful. The white flowers are pretty too.

Those cupcakes look pretty yummy. Wish I had one right now!!

Mrs Catch said...

Daffodils! I swoon! Love bulbs. And lilac. Neither of which grow well in the humidity here. I'll just have to enjoy them in your lovely photos. Those cupcakes are works of art. Hope they tasted as good as they looked.

Hilary said...

They are all indeed very sweet surprises.. especially that look on Eddy's face. Too cute.