Saturday, March 17, 2012

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Happy St.Patrick's Day to all the Irish and non-Irish who wish they were Irish! Are you feeling lucky today? I'm not sure about luck. I'm not sure how it works, who gets it, why some of us just don't seem to possess it. My Father-in-law used to say that the harder he worked, the luckier he got. Some days I feel like a work my tail off but the results always don't equal out. Then there are the times when I think, hey, I just can't believe my luck. This just wasn't one of those weeks. And it doesn't even have to do with the HGTV dream home I obviously didn't win! Do you believe in luck? Or fate? Or the line up of the stars? Or is everyday a crap shoot and we get what we get? What about God in all of this? I'm a strong believer in God and his love for us..even in the bad times. So why do I care about "luck"? So many questions for a beautiful day like the one we had today. That brings me to my next subject.. Us Northerners are weird. I should know because I've been one all my life. We have had the warmest March that I can remember. It's been a total opposite of last year and most every year before that. Yet, can we just sit back and enjoy it? NO! I'm looking over my shoulder and thinking "When does the snow come back?" "What does this weird weather mean?" So today I sat outside to get a little vitamin D. If you live within 50 miles of me the phenomenon you witnessed was just my white arms and legs giving off a glare. It's been since last year in...maybe September...when they last saw the light of day! I watched my neighbors clean up their yard. I watched them work. I watched the grass grow, the flowers bloom, the sun shine. I was feeling lucky I guess. Lucky that I wasn't working at the hospital..I'm on call this weekend. Lucky that I had nothing inspiring me to want to work in the yard yet. (Hey, it could snow next week..right?) Lucky that for one minute I could take a deep breath and think..for right now, I'm doing OK.
I do feel lucky to have sweet Grandkiddos like this little squirt! Cameron told his Daddy, (my son Jack), that he needed to go with him to YaYa's because he was sure YaYa was missing him. Well, besides being such a cutie, he's a mind reader..yep Cameron, YaYa did miss you and I'll always miss you until I see you again..hopefully very, very soon.


joanne said...

wow, you and I are on the same page tonight! I've been feeling not so lucky lately too but really if I stop and think about it...I am truly blessed beyond words. A sunny day would be nice too!

Sue said...

I'm not always lucky in the superficial things...but I console myself because I am lucky in so many of the things that really count.


Munir said...

It seems like our grown ups are right. The harder we work the more lucky we are? Sometimes I can relate to that too, but only sometimes.

I think that you and I are lucky about our grand kids. They do find out some when we miss them.

Happy St.Patrick's day to you too.

Donna said...

Well, luck is having a March with this many record breaking warm days! I'll take it!
Cameron could not have said a better thing to warm a grammy's heart...what a sweetie!!! (That's luck!)

Julia said...

I love that your grandson calls you Yaya. I'm not sure if it's a greek word for grandma but I like it. Your grandson is a smart little boy.

I count myself so lucky to have you as a follower. You are just like a ray of sunshine on a beautiful day. I think that you ooze goodness.

I'm with you on living in gratefulness and more in the moment. We cheat ourselves of joy when we live in the future of what could have been. Hugs. JB

selvageedge said...

Hey, I'm counting myself lucky to be first in line for a lamb cake!

Stacy Crawford said...

I feel lucky sometimes, I'm glad your grandson was thinking of you. That should make you feel very lucky!

Loretta said...

How cute...yes, he's a cutie! Hugs

Sandi said...

I had to laugh when I read this post! Kailyn and I are making her "birthday dinner" and also cupcakes for her to bring to school tomorrow before she heads north.

We aren't sure what happened but so far, the cupcakes taste kind of "not done" even though the toothpick test came out fine.

The bread dough didn't rise in the bread machine . . . we're hoping it will now, as her birthday wish was for Cheese Zombies!

Her boyfriend was stuck in Seattle three hours longer than he planned, so he is "late"!

But, we're with you, we don't really believe in luck, and trust in God's plan! He has a sense of humor!

We had snow, rain and sunshine today! It snowed hard, then the sun came out and it felt like it was 60 at least!

Crazy March!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

When it comes to grand babies I am so lucky myself. I don't live close enough for them to drop in but I do live 2 hours away so I call that very lucky.
I too am lucky that I have you as a friend. Your one of the sweetest ladies I have met out here in the world of blogging.
Yep I am lucky.
Glad you shared such a adorable pic of Cameron. He is just to precious and I love what he said about you missing him.
Isn't this weather funny I have read several post about their warmer weather up North. It is strange but I know you guys need it badly.
Enjoy and I pray your snow is way behind you

karen said...

You are not alone in your disappointment in not winning the HGTV design house. My husband went into a deep depression over it. But did you see the darling lady who won it? I had to be happy for her - she and her husband were perfect winners! But I sure would like to come sit in their hot tub...
I'm not usually lucky in contests and things, but just this last week alone, I have won prizes in two separate blogs! I think that's probably my quote for the next five years. Appreciate your lovely weather. Here in So Cal its MISERABLE. Rain, cold, and freezing cold wind. Yuck.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh gosh, it's been so long since my children or Grands were so little that I would give them a little bowl to hold their popcycles over... :):)