Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday Doings

This past week has flown by and I have been a bad's been over a week since I posted anything. Jack is doing great..still sore..but he's healing well. We've just been busy doing the regular, like all of you I bet! I first want to say a big thanks to Cathy from acorn hollow blog for the super magazine I won. It came yesterday and I have been enjoying looking slowly through each lovely page. The weather has been so beautiful these past 2 days and that's the perfect time to sit outside and read a good mag..Thanks again Cathy!
It's been wonderful to have unusually warm weather for this time of year. It's nice to have sun streaming through the (sadly dirty!) windows. Squeak found her spot for the day..right in the path of the sun. Smart sunscreen needed for her!Our woman's organization..the Relief Society...was finally able to have our breakfast meeting that was canceled back in January. We had it at my house and turned out to be a fun time of fellowship, food and a good motivational speaker. The gathering began in the kitchen as all the ladies stopped to visit and greet one another. We had a good turnout for a Saturday morning. I was grateful that they all took the time out of a busy day to stop and enjoy each other's company and share breakfast.
It's easy to have alot to chat about sitting around the kitchen table...they are all involved in a deep conversation here while enjoying some chow.
They gathered in the diningroom and I'm not sure what's being said about the flowers!
The food was put out on the island and we had a good variety. Breakfast casseroles, pancakes, bread pudding, fresh fruit, blinis and some OJ to wash it all down...I love breakfast!
After eating and visiting we moved to the livingroom to hear our guest speaker. Everyone grabbed a chair and settled in.
Here is our speaker for the meeting. My friend Shay from work. She told us about setting goals, not giving up, and having no excuses when it comes to completing a goal. She's lost over 60lbs and is still on her journey. She has a large family...six kiddos...a hubby who works for the railroad and is gone alot, and she works full-time (plus call time which can add many extra hours to a 40hr. week!). She was nervous at first but I assured her that the women assembled today were all low key, fun, and eager for inspiration. Thanks Shay, we loved it! After some quick business everyone headed out. Great way to start the day!
The weather was just perfect this weekend. I walked around the yard checking out the spring flowers that are just peeking out of the dirt. The crocus is always the first to greet me...this year was no exception. Spring must be on it's way!
A final thing I found blooming in the garden. How about this gas cap from the mower that I lost 2 years ago. I looked everywhere for that sucker when I first lost it..everywhere. Unfortunately it was well hidden in the dirt and I had to purchase a new one. It just needed to be found in it's own time I guess!


PoetessWug said...

YAY! I'm so glad to hear that your hubby is healing well!...And I wanna be your kitty! ^_^

Stacy Crawford said...

I loved the breakfast! Yummmm

Kayla loved Squeak. I knew she'd fit right in. I'm hoping all the exposure to RS will help her love it as much as I do later in life.

acorn hollow said...

Glad hubby is doing so well. We have had wonderful weather also.
and to see your flowers pushing through gives me hope.
Looks like a wonderful group of ladies.Enjoy the magazine.

Julia said...

I'm glad that Jack is healing well. I'd say that he's lucky to have his own personal nurse to look after him.

How nice to have your lady's group meeting for breakfast at your house. The food looks inviting and so does your home. I love an open concept especially when when there's a large gathering.

It's always so uplifting to see the first early blooms in the spring. Finding blooming crocus and a lost gas mower cap is an occasion to celebrate. We still have some snow but it will probably go this week. The river is opened up town and is making it way down river.

Congratulations on winning Cathy's Vintage Magazine.

I've noticed that there is less blogging with almost everyone lately. It must be Blogger Fatigue setting in. It can be time consuming.

I hope that you have a great week of sunshine. JB

Munir said...

I have been thinking of you guys. I am glad that your husband is healing well.
You are amazing. I did not have any energy left after my husband's surgery for any kind of socializing. May be that is why you are a nurse.
Hopefully we will have spring time soon. Still it is chilly in the morning and kind of warm but not enough to go outdoors.
Oh, tell your hubby to be careful with the scar/ sutures. My husband's stiches from his by/pass surgery have turned into keloids and still itches him day and night even after three years..

Bonnie said...

Don't you love finding things in the yard that you lost years ago? That used to happen to me all the time. It's so weird.
I am so glad that your husband is feeling better. Send him my best! :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

selvageedge said...

Hmmm... I believe we were all trying rather ineffectively to HIDE behind those flowers. :)

Thank you for a very lovely and motivating morning. I'll start that diet... right after I finish off the Toll House cookies I made this afternoon.

And I actually came to your blog today because (and yes, I'm blushing as I type this) it is the only way that I know how to get to my own blog (I can click on a link at the top) which I am determined to start RIGHT NOW! I may need to ask for assistance. A lot of it.

Nice find with the gas cap!

joanne said...

sounds like a lovely way to start the day and get a little inspiration too. It's cold here, had some snow mix today but I am ready for winter to take a hike. I'd like to sit out in my backyard and read a magazine or lay in the sunshine like the kitty! Have a good week, glad to hear hubby is doing well. take care.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

One of the fun things we get to do is decorate for the holidays! Soon. The bunnies make their appearance first but are usually tucked into corners somewhere..just not so obvious.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and the one I most like to go out for. It looks like everyone was having a very nice time at your lovely home. I noticed that pretty tablecloth.. :)
The flowers just topped it off.
I do love being a homemaker. I always have!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh honey your absolutely right it was the prefect way to start a day. I felt like I was there and wish I had been. Your such a host that breakfast looks so yummy.
Glad Jack is healing. Your cat is so cute soaking up the sun.
She was the prefect one to speak on motivation 60 lbs and still going. I salute that young lady. I can't loose 5 and I am still going too.
It rained here for the whole weekend and we are talking about the kind of rain you are thinking of Noah when it won't stop.
I will need a boat just to get to the car today.
Thanks sweetie for coming by and leaving me such a wonderful comment. Your always there for me and I so appreciate it.
We should know more this week how severe this kidney disease is for my son. I am praying it is in the very early stage.
Love you

Sue said...

What fun having all the sisters at your house for breakfast. It looks so fun and cozy!

Hope Jack is feeling much better VERY soon.


Donna said...

Wish I'd been there to hear Shay...I'm sure she was very motivational, -she looks great!!
That Blini recipe gets around the block doesn't it? It's a good one...the breakfast looks delish!
Glad you found your gas cap. It was such a nice weekend!

karen said...

I zeroed right in on that breakfast! You've been a busy lady. Glad your husband is feeling better - that's always good news.

Darlene said...

Your R.S. breakfast sounds like it went over in a big way. You sure had the house for it. I love your big kitchen and that round table almost made me cry. I'll have to tell you my round oak table story when I see you(hopefully) next summer. I used to love sitting around our round oak table.

You named your kitty Squeak? That's a new one for me. She looks like a keeper. I love cats, but unfortunately am alllergic to them so can't have one anymore.

I'm glad Jack is doing well. I'm sure he will be sore for quite awhile but I'll bet he's glad that operation is behind him.

Sush said...

So happy your Jack is doing better and you were able to finally have your breakfast. It looked wonderful!
Thanks so much for your kind comments on my post for our pup, Holden. We had a treasure in her for 15 years and I'm still missing her. Your thoughtful words go a long way in helping our hearts heal.

Amy and Craig said...

I love when lost things are found and don't just remain a mystery of the universe! I'm so grateful for this awesome weather! I'm hoping it doesn't turn back into a blizzard for Spring Break! In any case I'm happy to have the sun and downright balmy temps!