Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Jordan!

I'm try to figure this one out. Jordan in 26 today. Wow! He's the youngest of the 4 dudes of my loins. I'd love to say that today is a day just like the day you were born Jord, but I don't really remember the weather. I was just happy to get you out of there! You were almost born on April fool's day, but Dad wasn't going to let that happen and so I waited until the next day and voila! You entered this world at 12:15pm weighing in at 10lbs 8oz! Guess you had the last laugh after all. When the first babe weighs in at 2lbs., you don't expect the last one to weigh in at 10lbs. But that's not the puzzle can my youngest be 26 when I'm only 29??? While I go and sit and ponder that equation, you go and have a great day. See ya at the fire pit tonight for something yummy and maybe even a cake! Happy Birthday! We love you! Mommo and Dad (aka yaya/pawpaw)


Donna said...

So ARE only 29!! Happy Birthday...Jord!! I remeber the day you were born like it was yesterday. I was stuck in an OR doing a loonnggg hernia case and your mom and dad were next door having you. I made them wheel your isolette into the room I was workingin so I could take a quick peek at your cute self before taking up to OB. Quite a day. Have a good fire celebration tonight and "hi" to Craig, Amy,and fam!! Happy Easter...(enjoy the lamb cake)

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Kent and Leisy said...
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