Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time to Mow Baby!

Ahhhhhh, the first cut of the season. It's always fun to cut the grass for the first time in the spring. It's also always fun to cut it for the last time in the fall! I don't think anything smells as good as fresh cut grass. Except my neighbors dinner that was cooking outside on the grill..showoffs! It was the perfect night to mow. The temps have been so mild this week and the sun feels great. The greenhouses are opening and the Easter bunny brought me two new red raspberry bushes that need planting. I have all kinds of ideas for the Pines landscape. Now I just need to get it in gear and get going on them!

The grass is all cut. Eddy toys are still sprinkled around the lawn. Sort of like a little child who leaves their toys all over the floor!
The magnolia tree is bursting with big pink blooms!
When this area is all out in bloom it's really a sweet sight to behold. Slow but sure it's getting there.
The chairs are out and ready for you to park your bum and enjoy a sunset.Oh, and bring a friend!


Donna said...

You are right...nothing smells better than freshly mowed grass!! You're so funny and ambitious about mowing!!
LOVE the pink adiorondak chairs...really pretty with your magnolias!

Karen Whittal said...

Can't wait to see you garden when everything is flowering

Beth said...

Mow baby mow! It is a great feeling that is when you rider hasn't bit the dust for good and you have to walk your 2 acres. Oh well good work out right?!? I love your humor (showoffs). We went to a nursury today and got some good things to help our grass. Hopefully it works!