Monday, April 5, 2010

Bear with me please

Knowing how I blog, I bet you thought I would have a story about bears! No, I just have a few more pics I couldn't resist posting.This is actually out of order because these were from Friday. The kids arrived on Thursday night. Friday morning this little pumpkin was looking so sweet and cute just waiting for YaYa to take a pic. I swear she has the bluest eyes ever!
Our first stop on our fun weekend was to the Lodi outlet mall. Craig and Amy scored some really good buys for everyone and Craig picked up these cool shades. They would look cooler if his tongue wasn't hanging out! He'll probably kill me for printing this pic.
We had our first fire of the year. The kiddos really look forward to roasting hot dogs and making s'mores. Craig is a gourmet hotdog cook. He learned from the best. His Dad. All the years of Scouts paid off!
Besides hotdogs that the kiddos wanted, Amy and I thought foil dinners would be fun to do. So we gathered the makings and wrapped them in the foil and put them on the hot coals to cook to perfection...NOT!! We made the burgers and cooked them on the stove, added the veggies and potatos and threw the foil packs on the grill. Done in no time at all! Hey, we're not Grizzly Adams in the wild. They were yummy by the way.
Taylor enjoyed his s'mores by the fire. They made it all over his face. Unfortunately they made it back again to his face around 10pm when he up chucked every item he consumed that day. Poor little guy, he was really sick for over 24hrs. Glad you're all better now Taylor!
Amy and I did our fair share of running around to gather all the Easter doodas...and even with a list managed to forget about 5 essential items. But we did not forget the way to the Parsley Pot,a place that's full of (as Jack's Dad used to say)"cute things that smell good". Since it's just down our country road we walked and enjoyed the day. We actually found things that we just couldn't live without and no list was involved!
Last but not least, the weekend would not be complete without an Eddy moment. He loves all the kiddos, and yes he can be annoying because he just wants to be with all the humans. But he's so gentle when he's with the little ones. He can't help it that his head is big and just at their eye level. We will give him points for trying to be good. Here's an example: Sophie with her foot in his mouth and his paw on her leg because he just loves her! Good boy Ed!


eman mohamed said...

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Donna said...

Was going to...sorry...hahaha!! Just laughing about the previous comment...sorry You have the most interesting followers.
Sophie is soooocute! You just want to squeeze her cheeks!! The camp fire dinner looks awesome. The walk to Parsley Pot I envy. Ahhh Spring!

Amy and Craig said...

I can't help but think how much better the visit would have been without all the sickness, but we had the most wonderful day on Friday and Sunday!

Bernie said...

I loved this post. It sounded like you have great fun. Seeing the food the second time--not so much. And like Donna said, some interesting followers. I have some like that too and I try to blog back and their blogs are all in their language. Sometimes I can pick up something especially if there is a picture. (How obvious can I get?)

Thanks for visiting me and your thoughtful comment.