Monday, April 13, 2009

Whew! What a Weekend of Fun!

The weekend started on Thursday when Craig, Amy and the kiddos arrived. It was a looonnnggg drive, just ask Taylor. It was so fun to see little Sophie and how big she's gotten since we saw her last. We just hung out on a very wet Friday, but thankfully Sat. arrived bright and sunny. A bit chilly for the South Carolina crew, but that didn't stop them from heading down to Amish country with Leisy, Laney and all their crew. We really enjoyed having Amy's family here and they were so much fun and wonderful guests...we really hope to see them again! Eddy the dog behaved fairly well. I was worried about how he would handle all the kids. They loved him and he loved them. He was acting a bit weird today and I think he just missed all the people! We had a campfire on Sat. night and roasted hot dogs and made 'smores. Again a bit chilly but still good fun. We were not without food, that's for sure. I really must say a big Thank You to Donna Starkey for her fabulous chicken salad. (I have a pic of it somewhere I'll just have to post later)

Sorry about the double pic here, but I'm too lazy to figure out how to delete it! Zeb sure enjoyed the dog and loved running in the back yard with him and playing ball.

As I mentioned, we had plenty of food on Easter Sunday and after everyone ate we had our traditional egg hunt for all the kids. Even tho Driana is a teenager now, she still enjoyed hunting for some eggs!

Here's Craig looking at his basket bounty on Sat. morning when all the baskets were found.

We had a great time with everyone and miss them already. I came down with some kind of bug on Sunday night but I'm feeling a bit better now and looking forward to another fun time with family soon....well maybe not real soon, but soon!


Donna said...

Yea, that whirlwind is fun while it's here and it goes too fast huh? The kids are growing so and they are all so bright and cute! It was fun for me to see them in person!! Sure let's us know our age tired when it's all over.....!!!! Hope you are feelin' better.

Phil and Amanda said...

Good pics! Alexis had a great time! And as always, the food was amazing! Phil AND the girls came down with something yesterday too...they're all at home today trying to get better. A cold/cough is KILLER. Hope you're feeling better!

Craig said...

Mom - We had a lot of fun even though it was a long drive. Thanks for housing everybody at your house! Everyone had a great time and we really appreciate everything!!! We ned to do it again. Oh, thanks to Donna for providing some awesome chicken salad. It fed everybody at least twice!