Saturday, April 18, 2009

Springtime Saturday

Today, like the past 2 days was absolutely gorgeous! The temp was 70 and the sky was blue. Jack had put the new mower blades on for me and got it all ready to I joyfully went out and did the first mow of the season. In the beginning of the week we had much rain...much rain. I managed to bog the mower in a very soggy part of our lawn. I preceded to have mower hate because the zero degree mowers don't do well on wet grass. But as muddy as this was, even our old tractor mower wouldn't have made it out! Thanks to the super strength of Jack and Jordan, I was able to finish the lawn. Don't my rows look straight and nice??? (that's a joke by the way) But my lilacs are budding, and my magnolia tree is blooming and I was able to wash the car and even give Eddy his favorite drink...hose water! I noticed my hostas are really coming to the surface and my daylilies are all up and getting very bushy. So even tho this winter seemed never ending, spring has sprung at the Pines. I need to wish all my married sons a happy anniversary...Jack and Steph, Craig and Amy, Phil and Amanda...thanks for keeping them all in April!


Donna said...

I have spring fever too...and have been cleaning, cleaning...feels good to get out! Love to see all the plants coming up and the green coming. Your lilac pic is impressive against the blue sky...pretty!!!

Craig said...

The yard looks nice Ma!

Christina said...

Kathy, I love your layout! It is super cute and original! Glad to see all is well in A-land.