Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Jordan!!

Where has the time gone? My youngest turned 25 today. It's amazing how our kids age, but we stay young. I love showing photos on their birthday because it gives a little glimpse into who they really are and also it gives me the chance to think...what the heck happened to them, they started out so cute?...only kidding!

Jord was a really good baby, happy kiddo and alot of fun growing up. (We'll forget about those teenage years.) Happy birthday!
He's only a year in this photo above, already tall for his age and eager to be like his bros!

The caption uder this photo said "Why am I standing here with only half my clothes on?" Beats me..

His brothers were always good with him. Even when they wanted to kill him!


Midge said...

Happy Birthday Jordan....I remember billy was a year old when Jordan was born and Jordan was taller that Bill....He is like one of my own and a very special kid, yesterday, today and always in my heart...Love ya..have a great birthday.

Craig said...

Happy Birthday Gord! I have to admit, you were a cute baby...we're not sure what happened after that! Mom, I thought you'd put a picture of Gord when he was in elementary school and he always wore a Chicago bulls shirt. Usually the same shirt 2 or 3 days in a row.

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!! You were a cute little bugger!!! (all the boys were...)