Monday, March 9, 2009

A Walk Around Town

My bestest friend Donna (Starkey) and I always used to walk daily when we lived in town. As soon as we moved to the Pines, the walks became a sometime thing...something we really miss! We talk, laugh, get religious, laugh, fix problems of all kinds, laugh, did I mention talk?? Today was such a great day to do the sometime thing, get out there and hit the road! I decided to take Eddie with for his first walk away from his own neighborhood. He was very curious of everything, and everybody who passed our way. It makes the walk a bit longer, but he did good for his first time. I stopped at Donna's beautiful house...I love her yard, you should see it in the summer, it's yummy! With the time change we could head out at 6:30 and it's still light out! Yawhoooo!!! I love this time change, even if it means a little lost sleep...We headed out and stopped here and there to talk to friends we met along the way, fend off another boxer who actually dragged her owner across the lawn to get to us, and yes we stopped at not for a burger (yucky) but someone...I won't mention who, needed a pit stop. I'm so grateful for Ronald McDonald's and the hamburgler's toilets...thanks guys. Then the end came and Eddie and I bid a fond farewell to Donna...a little darker out, and much talked out and a great time out for us! P.S. Don't you just love her "Starkey Hollow" sign?


Donna said...

YOU don't get to take my picture anymore...I look like a (before) ad for exercise!! It was fun though...yep, -Dr. G and his Irish friend Sharma would be jealous!!

Phil and Amanda said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one to take pit stops on a walk! haha!

I bet Eddy was LOVING it! When my brother used to walk our old dog (who was a Golden Retriever/German Sheppard mix) HE walked US more than we walked him! Looks like Eddy behaved himself.

Amy and Craig said...

This is Craig.....I remember you and Donna always going on walks when we lived in town. With the time change, you and Donna can probably do more of these walks!