Sunday, March 15, 2009


It was a hot time in the old town (or homestead) on Saturday afternoon. Because we heat with wood that Jack cuts from our property, we get a bunch of branches that tend to build up over a season or two. Saturday we had the perfect weather to burn a bunch off. We started out with a nice stack that you can see here....then the fun begins with some gas, matches and...POOF!!! Fire Baby!

As the fire burned down, Jordan, Jack and I would throw more branches from the other stacks we have and I also cleaned out some of my flower beds and got rid of alot of dead plants to get ready for new plantings coming up.

In the end all that was left was this tiny pile of ash that smoldered all night into this morning. That's the beauty of living in the country...burning is allowed. It makes the air smell good but probably does something to global warming. Well, this spot is cleaned out nicely. I think we really need a vacation or something because blogging about burning wood is really lame! Oh well, this is how we spend our wonderful Saturdays! Jack did go down to the Boy Scout reservation in the morning to have a meeting about this year's camp in July. Before you know it summer will be here....But for now, what can I plant in this newly cleaned out area????

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Donna said...

Looks clean and tidy but boy, wish I had been there to SMELL it!!