Saturday, August 5, 2017

Same Old, Same Old Or Weird and Wacky?

 Holy cow it's been one of those weeks.  It really wasn't until Friday that I thought it was one of  "those weeks".  Work had me in an uproar but that's another story best left unsaid.   The thing is,  I've been struggling with blogging.  I've gone long between posts, at least for me anyway.  I took a look back at some blog posts from years back to see what I had to write about.  I kept thinking my life must have been more exciting back then.  Nope..same old same old.  I've been blogging for 9 1/2 years now and I feel like I'm repeating each year with pics of the same things only older and bigger...I'm not really just referring to me! Ha!  Anyway, I did have a few pics to put in and try and get a post out.  I was taking a bunch of shots the other day after a nice rain.  We've been lucky with lots of rain to keep our lawns bright green and the garden overflowing with lovely tomatoes.  I took a few of the Creepy Woods and just had to share one particularly weird one.  This one is for my dear friend Shady.  He keeps telling me that the Yeti lives in the Creepy Woods.  I think I caught a pic of him.
Look to the right and see if you can pick out that dark brown hairy thing....hmmmm.  Keeping with the weird and wacky pics, when we were at the orchard last week we bought some different peaches. Donut peaches.  Can you see why the name?
Very tastey, very low in calories compared to a Dunkin Donut!   Another photo made me wonder if we lived near a lake.
I took this one from the top of the hill behind our house.   It's just clouds across the way but I can always pretend we live near a lake.  I keep telling Jack we need to sell and buy a lake house.  Problem is we don't live near a lake and I'm not in the mood to move and some how I doubt the lake will come to us.   As I mentioned earlier, we have had some nice rain.  We also  have had some nice rainbows.
Not the clearest shot but it looked pretty clear in person.   These next 2 pics are not the weird and crazy....
It's Jack checking out his new apple tree.   He's holding a few green peppers from the garden.  That reminded me that I took a pic of some stuffed peppers I made last week.
Hence the amazing stuffed peppers.  Yes, this post is bouncing around.   It's how my mind is working these days.   As I contemplate about blog posts being the same over the years I remembered my Mom giving me something she found of mine from years ago.  My high school activity pass we had to get each year.  Of course it had a photo on it.
That's me from forward to the here and now.
As Jack noted..."Hey, you had the same haircut back then"....yep,  sometimes it's "same old, same old" and "weird and wacky all in one.


betty said...

You haven't changed over the years :) Interesting picture in the woods. The stuffed peppers looked delicious! I need to make some when the weather cools down and we start using the oven again. I was thinking of doing a blogging entry to the effect of my blogging subjects were at times the dog, then the quail, and now the grandchild. I tend to get into a rut with what is going on that excites me (not others) and then write exclusively (or near exclusively) about those things.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Think of your posts are illustrated letters to friends. Genuine friends who care about you don't care about the content of your posts, don't expect to be dazzled each and every week. We enjoy gazing through this window of your world, watching your family grow and change over time and finding out what you've been up to since the last update.

I never heard of a donut peach. It looks juicy and delicious. Just the sight of it has my mouth puckering and watering and so does the picture of your stuffed peppers, a dish that Mrs. Shady enjoys making. I love to use my imagination and I can turn that cloud into a lake same as you. It's a tranquil scene either way. I'm happy to know the Pines has been getting its share of rain this year. We're still on the dry side down here and the pond next to us is getting low.

Now for the two highlights of your weird, wacky and wonderful post. I spotted the Yeti in the Creepy Woods almost immediately. What a mysterious image! What could it be? Are you sure you didn't use your Photoshop skills and insert a pic of Chewie from Star Wars? :) Second, any time you can show pictures of yourself or any other member of your family from back in the 60s, it is a thrill for someone like me. However, I must again accuse you of Photoshopping because the picture on that high school activity pass is clearly that of 1980s movie actress Phoebe Cates. :)

This turned out to be one of your most interesting and enjoyable posts, dear friend YaYa. Thank you very much for your friendship and have a great week!

Julia said...

Hi Yaya, thanks for your comment on my blog. A visit from you is always a joyful occasion.
I have slowed down from blogging and I' noticed that a lot of my followers have stopped blogging without warning over the year.
Thanks for the rain that arrived over night, it was sadly very needed. You must have some powerful connection up there.

I can't be sure but it looks like a brown dog sniffing something that has climbed a tree in the Creepy Woods. The donut peach looks tasty. I bet you'll be making peach pies soon.

My uncle has made a man made lake at his cottage and is now fishing trouts in his lake, maybe you can have your own lake without moving...
Hugs, Julia

Rick Watson said...

I struggled this week with fresh topics too. I think it's only natural when you've been at it as long as we have.
But you did good. You kept me entertained :)

joeh said...

Still looking for the Yeti...I got nothing.

Linda said...

At least you're still blogging! I haven't for a long time. Maybe, I'll get out of my funk and at least write about what has been going on this year. I enjoy reading about your 'same old, same old'!

Julia said...

I was a bit of a rush to get to church this morning and forgot to comment on how little you have changed over the year.

Stacy Crawford said...

I'm struggling we chat about at church. Right now I've just been plain too busy. I have one or two more posts about vacation. Guess I need to squeeze it in.

Susan Anderson said...

You're right. It really does look like you live near a lake in that photo!
Really enjoyed catching up with you a bit. Today is my mom's wedding anniversary. 45 years.

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