Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ode To A Tree

The weeks of Summer are flying by.  It won't be long until we're bidding this month goodbye and welcoming in August..the dog days of Summer!  It's been a much warmer season than last year.  We've had many 90 degree days and much humidity.  That has also led to rain and a good growing season.  Our tomatoes, beans and green peppers are coming along nicely and today we enjoyed the fruits of the garden with fresh green beans and some salsa I made yesterday.   But sadly this month we had to say farewell to the only tree that shaded the house.   Anyone who's followed my blog knows our property is surrounded by pine trees.  When we moved in 16 years ago I was inspired to call our place "Whispering Pines", which also explains the name of my blog.
They are three deep in some places and keep the wind at bay on those very cold Winter days.  They shade the yard as the sun sets, but not the house.  We had a lovely ash tree that did that.  It was a nice big tree that hosted a few parties under it's branches.
Pinatas were known to hang there on occasion!
However, a nasty disease, ash bore, has claimed many of the ash trees in our area.  I'm not sure I spelled that correctly or even know what exactly it is,  but I do know many folks have had to have their trees removed.   We were one of those folks.
This photo was taken a few days before we had it taken down.  Not a leaf left behind.  The middle gable on our house is the computer room.  I've sat in there with the window open many times and watched the different birds that called this tree home come and go and enjoy it's hospitality.
Afraid it would come down in a storm and smack the house, we deemed it necessary to take it down on our terms.
What once shaded us in the heat will now warm us in the cold.  Ode to a tree...we will miss you and are looking for a replacement that will one day grow as tall and majestic as you were.  I doubt we'll still be here to see it to it's full height, but someone will thank us for it I'm sure!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

How sad the majestic tree that grew in your yard all those years, a tree that was a key component of family activities and your inspiration as you gazed out the window from your computer, developed a disease and needed to come down. If that tree could talk it would tell you that it is proud to serve one final purpose, providing firewood to keep you warm this winter. Alas, summer's on the run now, and soon the chilly autumn winds will once again rustle your pines. Life is cyclic. To every thing there is a season. Honor your fallen tree by planting a new one and watching it grow.

I wish you a safe and happy week, dear friend YaYa!

joeh said...

Losing a tree can be sad.

I've known a few ash bores in my time.

betty said...

So sad. Almost like a part of your family left you. I know what you mean about planting a tree and then not knowing if you'll be the recipient of its benefits down the road. Hubby and me were talking about putting in a fruit tree or two (most likely orange) in the backyard. I said we need to get a mature tree so we could benefit from it. We are at that age (and how did we get there?)


acorn hollow said...

How sad to have to take a tree down but it was the right thing to do.

Rick Watson said...

I know you hated to see that tree go. We're going to have to take down some of our pine trees in the backyard.They are massive now and with storms coming out of the southwest, they could fall and demolish our house.
I'm getting bids this week. I will hate to see them go.

Julia said...

So sorry that you had to have your shade tree removed, I felt very sad when we had to remove our shade trees because of storm damage.

Lots of memories were made under that beautiful tree. I called my trees giving trees. They really are giving trees. They give shade in the summer and a place for the birds, Shelter from the wind in winter. and when they are cut and dry, they still give uds heat. I think those trees deserves a hug.
A hug for your tree.

Stacy Crawford said...

It is an insect that kills those Ash Trees. Crazy how a little bug can kill a giant tree. Are you going to plant something in it's place?

baili said...

Tree cutting makes me sad but what to do when it is needed.
i hope you will plant new one and it will grow front of your eyes and friendship will develop again .
my husband often ask me to cut down our Neem tree and plant new one which will not shower as trash as it is but i can't let him do this because i developed a strong bonding with this beautiful friend! and don't mind to clean my front yard often due to leaves fall

A Joyful Chaos said...

It's always sad when a tree has to be removed, even when it's necessary. Have you already decided what kind of tree you want to plant to replace it?

phann son said...

How sad to have to take a tree down but it was the right thing to do.