Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Fly By

I was sitting on the deck yesterday afternoon talking with my sister when a huge..I mean HUGE, plane flew over.  It sounded like it was going to land in the backyard for crying out loud.  It also looked like it just skimmed the pine trees on it's way over.   We have an airport in Ashland that's for small aircraft not far from here but we don't see big stuff flying over.   Later when I was on the computer doing really important a little facebook stalking...I heard it fly over again...and again..and again.  I asked Jack if we were being invaded but he said there was some kind of event going on at the airport and it was happening all day.  Gee, how did I miss this?  Probably because I'm not fond of flying and going to an airport "event" isn't on my to do list.  But I thought it would make a cool pic for the blog to catch that big momma flying by.  So I hustled outside with my trusty camera and waited...and waited... and...well, you get the picture. Which is more than I got.  Not one to just stand around I took the time to snap some junk in the yard.
Pumpkins are growing...still no airplane flying by.
Marigolds are looking merry.
Tomatoes are coming on in droves...or clusters..but no airplane.  As I walked around with my camera around my neck I started to notice some small indications that Fall is coming in another month.
Leaves near the woods looked more yellow.
Dogwood leaves are getting red.
Black walnuts are ready to fall off.
Buckeyes are also getting ready to litter the yard.  Still hoping to get a pic of  plane I kept the camera close as I grilled some burgers.  Then, miracle of miracles, I heard the sound of the plane!  I grabbed my camera and was trying to get it on and the lens cap off as quick as possible but that darn plane was quicker.
If you click on the pic you'll see it...I circled it so you wouldn't miss it.  Jack said: "Remind me next time to not marry a girl from Greece who never saw an airplane before".  Funny guy.  I'm only half Greek, never even been to Greece.  Lived in Chicago on the flight pattern of O'Hare.  Not my fault he moved me to the rural outposts of Ohio where a plane is a rare sighting. A let's not forget that as a blogger I'm always on the lookout for something like a nice fly by to post about.  Throw in some produce and what a page turner this post is! Have a good week.  


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

This post is indeed a page turner, even though everything's all on one page. :) Mrs. S and I used to live less than a mile from an airport where they held an annual air show. During the event aircraft of all shapes and sizes droned in the air above our house for an entire week. It became annoying, especially when a jumbo size plane performed a low altitude fly by like that one did above The Pines. I'm glad you finally had a chance to snap a picture of the plane to prove to us that you weren't telling a tall tale. :)

Yessum, I can see the signs of autumn up there on your property. You are getting a good yield of crops and late blooming flowers and the leaves are already starting to turn. If your camera could have captured a "Kodak moment" with the Yeti in the Woods, I'm sure we would have seen that his coat is already getting longer and heavier as Mother Nature prepares him for the winter cold ahead.

Enjoy what's left of summer, dear friend YaYa, and thank you for another interesting report from The Pines!

Julia said...

Oh sweet girl, I love your humour. I also love your produce pictures. I live not far from an international airport even though it's small as compared to large city airports, never the less we live directly under the international flight path of large aircrafts that leave a white plume behind. It's rather pretty to look at. There are so many flying over each day and we don't always hear them as they are so high up there.
I'm glad that you did catch that illusive large aircraft on your camera.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I really appreciate your friendship.
Warm hugs.

betty said...

I love all that is growing in your garden :) When we lived in Oregon, we could see the planes on their path to the runway. They were pretty much close to being on time. Within minutes when I saw the commercial ones morning and afternoon, I knew what time it was :) I hate to fly but love to watch planes take off and land :)


Rick Watson said...

We are on a flight path for fighter pilot training. About once a month, those planes streak over at whT seems like tree-top level. They are going so fast that they are gone before you know they coming. It sometimes scare the poo poo out of me.

acorn hollow said...

we are seeing peeks of fall also summer goes faster each year.

Linda said...

Your produce looks wonderful. Your blog post was wonderful! No politics, no rioting, no BLM, no white terrorism. Just a fun page to read.

We live a small town, no airport, but the sprayer planes make their appearance, usually right when garden produce is starting to set on the greens. I quit trying to grow anything a long time ago, because the crops were more important than a garden.

Munir said...

Yes I can see the plane. Also got to see some pretty photography as a bonus. I think it is quite difficult to capture a flying plane or even a bird in a photo shot. You did a pretty good job I would say. Also the captions are very appropriate and cuts as well.

Munir said...

I meant the captions are cute. Sorry for the typo. LOL

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

I had a similar experience not that long ago with a crop duster. But, unlike you, I was lucky to get a ton of photos because he was here for so long and was using my yard as a turnabout. However, I never did get to doing a post with those photos. I'm sure some of them were great too, maybe I'll have to go back.
There are signs of fall everywhere here, but the main thing that makes it the turn of the season for me is that harvest has begun. I'm even taking lunch out to the field for the first time today and picnicking with my husband. I love this time of year so much.
Happy Autumn!