Monday, October 31, 2016

Welcome To The Haunted Pines!

The past week went by faster than a witch on a broom!  I'm so behind in blogging and visiting but I will get to all that fun later..except the blogging part because obviously I'm doing that now!  After all the planning, dreaming, working, setting up, and wondering what I was thinking when I put this was over by 9pm on Saturday...the Starkey's Halloween Bash!

The crowds started assembling around 5pm.  I couldn't believe how lucky we were with the weather. After a cold, wet week, Saturday was  72de and sunny. Even though the winds were crazy during the day, it calmed down for the party.  We had some time for photo ops.
King Cameron and Life handing out lemons Anthony.
Sir Jackie and his lovely Lady Evelyn.
Who are these goofballs?
Someone was all tied up the whole day.  I ran myself ragged on Saturday and totally didn't get any pics of the crazy haunted cemetery.  It turned out really fun.  Here's a few shots taken the next day after some of the graves had disappeared until next year.
Lost souls were abounding in the dark that night.  However, all guests were spared and returned home safely!
Except this poor guy.
This sign gave the directions...Before the cemetery experience we had to party a bit with some games.
Mummy making took speed and agility.
We had some real winners!
All these mummies were yummy!
But not as yummy as the doughnut contest.  I think Cameron was up to the task!  We had lots of folks come dressed for the night.
A Scotsman?
This young lady had an announcement to win a spider ring if you can guess what it was!
Who's that gal behind the lens?  It was a fun gathering.  I think we had around 80 people.  The kids really seem to enjoy the day and those who went to the haunted cemetery had a few laughs and surprises.  I was sad I didn't get more pics of that area but I was spread pretty thin making sure all was going on schedule.  Jack said I needed atleast 3 more of me to get it all done!  Although we were done partying for the weekend, today was trick or treat in Creston where our son Jack lives.  So we headed up there to help hand out candy and see the kids.
And there were TONS of kids!  The costumes were super cute...
This one made me laugh out loud!
Chubbs was a hit with the little ones.  He's such a good pup!
Witch selfie!  Hope your Halloween was fun and full of:
Done till next year...Happy Haunting everyone!


joeh said...

Looks like a spectacular party (it took a lot to hold back a bad pun there). What a great way to make a happy announcement.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

What a great Halloween celebration you guys had! I'm so glad you hit a fair weather day and the temp was pleasant. Down here it is usually so hot and sticky that I pity the kids sealed inside their sweaty costumes for hours. I got a kick out of Anthony's costume idea: "Life handing out lemons." Looks like you and Jack could use a little meat on your bones! :) Clever sign: "Cemetery dead ahead." Looks like some of the guests brought their mummies along. :) I wonder how many kids thought Chubbs was a dwarf in a dog costume. :) I like your selfie. I'm sure you were the prettiest witch on your block!

I'm so thankful that you and your family and guests had fun. Ad I said on my blog, I wish Eddy, Squeak and my Toto were still here to join the party. Toto loved watching the costumed kids go by our window all night long. She barked her head off but her stubby tail never stopped wagging. I miss her very much and I'm sure you and Jord miss Eddy.

Happy Halloween, dear friend YaYa!

gin said...

I would have loved your party!!! You and jack's matching skeleton attire was cute. 80 guests, that makes for great fun. So cute of Chubbs participating at trick or treating.

betty said...

Such a cute way to announce she was expecting! Looked like so much fun. Your hard work paid off. Now try to rest the rest of the week.


Rick Watson said...

I love Halloween parties though we haven't been to one in a while. Our great nephew's birthday I'd on the 31 and a while back when it fell on Saturday we had a party here for them . It was a scream.

Sweet Tea said...

What fun! I know what it takes to throw a big party like that so
You can keep the spider ring - you earned it! Looks like all your spooky guests had a great time.

Kerri said...

How fun!!! You and your husband look so cute in your outfits! In the 20 yrs I've lived in Pennsylavania, I've never been invited to a Halloween party. It's really frowned upon in our area.....which I think is ridiculius. It's a fun holiday for the kids (and adults) and nothing more. The people in our area need to lighten up a bit! ;)

Donna said...

Great party and pics, especially of you!!!