Monday, October 24, 2016

The Big Finish

This past weekend was probably the last one to see some good color on the trees.  The winds blew like crazy yesterday and I'm sure many leaves were blown away.  Well, I was "blown away" by some lovely trees right in my own neighborhood.
This one down the road from us always turns early and it's size is ginormous and it's so lovely.
Driving by my next door neighbors had me admiring this tree in their front yard.
I think my own yard has some nice color this dogwood on the corner of our deck.  I have lights in it for the party on Saturday but it lights it's own self up with the reds on the leaves.   One tree did have me shaking my head though.
This crabapple in our front yard has been leafless for a while now.  However, looking closely you see a tiny bit of color...can you spot it?

I guess it just wanted one last chance for a "BIG FINISH" and gave us a tiny pink blossom.  The month is flying by and of course I'm getting ready for the big day..the "BIG FINISH" to this month.
It's Halloween week and of course you must remember to carve some pumpkins!
Here's a BIG FINISH from last night.  It out shines even the trees.  Night all!


Sweet Tea said...

Fall is beautiful in your corner of the world. Those trees...
Will be watching for your party pictures soon. Have fun!!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I'm so glad you are showing us Ashland's autumn splendor before the show's over. I lost track of time and didn't realize the fall color display will soon be ending up there. It is easy to forget the calendar because here in Florida there is so much sameness. We have enjoyed some cooler evenings and milder, less humid days lately, but I don't think summer is finished with us just yet. Your neighborhood has some gorgeous color displays and you also have a lovely tree out back all decked out in party lights. I can't wait to see pictures taken during the celebration. That poor sickly looking crabapple tried its best to show some seasonal spirit and it was nice of you to take a picture of the blossom it managed to produce. You have the coolest Halloween decorations I have ever seen! Today Mrs. Shady and I drove past a church in our neighborhood. The entire front lawn was covered in pumpkins - a sea of orange. The church was selling the pumpkins to raise money. What a beautiful sky! It looks like a squashed jack-o-lantern! :)

Thanks, dear friend YaYa, and enjoy the rest of your week!

betty said...

So pretty with the sunset and yes I did spot the color on the crabapple tree :) Gorgeous leaves; sad they are already going to be a thing of the past this season (and we are still running our air conditioner).

We'll be carving pumpkins next Sunday. Picked them out yesterday, ready to go!


acorn hollow said...

We had lots of wind sun and mon so not a lot left for color.
Looks like a great Halloween at your house.

Kay G. said...

Our leaves are supposed to peak in the first week of November. It is so dry here, the Autumn is very strange. We have had brush fires all over the state. Scary.
Hope your Halloween party will be great! xx

gin said...

Love your fall colors. We are up in the Smokey Mountains this week, it is pretty here but not yet at it's peak color change they say. Have a great Haloween party!!

Deb Shucka said...

What a perfect collection of autumn pictures and reflections. I especially love the crab apple blossom - the unlikeliness of it. It's wet and windy here now, but some color still clings. It seems the brighter against the gray skies.

John Edwards said...

These are my favourite few weeks and your photos show why!