Sunday, October 9, 2016

Let My Favorite Month Begin!

The beginning of October found me in Chicago but thankfully Mom is doing great and this weekend it was about gathering the kiddos here and having some pre-Halloween fun.  To put this mix together we start with some food...of course we do!
Monster Munch?  Yep, we all decided this new recipe was a keeper! (not to mention additive!)
The yearly standby of Witches fingers...thanks to all who donated a digit for this special day!
Fall means apples which translates into apple pie. Can you find the ghosts on the crust?  After the food the atmosphere needs some ramping up!
Kitchen fireplace mantel ready to go but don't put a fire in there.....
These dudes just might have a surprise for you!  With the food and decorations in place all that's needed are the humans!  We had a lovely, very cool, Fall day to gather around the fire pit, play games, eat and do lots of laughing.
Badminton with Cameron will have me running for some ibuprofen tonight!
Looks like Jack got photo bombed by a crazed gourd...and Jord!
The brothers three....missing our Portland crew with brother four.  Always nice to see them have a good time together.
Jack and sweet.
The whole gang gone nutty? Fun bags filled with crazy things and candy was a hit!
Some old friends stopped by the fire pit...Addy loves them!  Yes, all the ingredients for a fun, food, family, friends....on to the rest of the month!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Nobody does Halloween better than you, dear friend, and this post proves it. I love your decorations and that "finger food." :) It looks like some members of your family need to see a dentist a.s.a.p. :) I hope that skeletal dog posing with Addy in the last picture wasn't Chubbs or Eddy! :)

The great news is that your mother is doing better and I am very happy to know it. Thanks for showing us your holiday preparations, dear friend YaYa, and have a wonderful week!

joeh said...

I just realized I am such a dud on Halloween. Oh well, looks like a lot of fun at your place.

betty said...

Looks like so much wonderful fun and great memories made with that you love and love you back :)


Rick Watson said...

I'm sorry I didn't get an invite. Looks like scary fun :)

acorn hollow said...

Look like lots of fun! It is always good to be with family.

gin said...

Great entertainment!! I'm sure your month will be filled with all things Halloween-y.

Donna said...

How fun! Looks like a great weekend!

John Edwards said...

Brings a whole new meaning to finger food!