Sunday, March 13, 2016

Springing Forward

The moment has arrived for the annual "Spring Forward" clock tradition.  If you live in an area that is under that spell, I hope all was changed and you didn't arrive late for Church! Yesterday, having the thought of losing an hour in my mind, I decided to get outside and take advantage of the mild weather and get a head start on my Spring yard cleaning.  Poor Jack was back at the wood pile getting more of that tree we had taken down, cut up.
We sold off the black walnut but we were left with the trimmings to clean out.
The truck sure made a mess of the side yard.
All that wood will find a good home in our wood burning furnace...hopefully not until next Winter.  I'm thinking we won't be burning wood for heat any more this season.
Time out for a quick breather.  I made some headway in the planting bed by the garage and also by our back deck.  Picking up sticks in the front yard had me hitting the ibuprofen last night!
Piles of leaves and twigs were raked out.
More than a few trips were made to the creek with loads of weeds and leaves.
Beneath it all the first signs of Spring..some green growth....was a happy sight.  After all the work, Jack made a fire in the pit and I gathered the hot dogs.  We sat by the fire last night and enjoyed our simple dinner.  The rain threatened to put a damper on the evening, but it held off for a few hours.  We sat and relaxed and celebrated our first fire of the season.  We may have lost an hour, but we enjoyed the evening to the  max.


selvageedge said...

I love seeing all the bright green starting to grow. I need to do some yard clean-up too. Woo Hoo for the first fire of the year!

Laurie said...

Yay for springing forward. I didn't mind losing the hour. I'm just so happy to see spots of green.

Debby said...

Spring is near. It was so beautiful out yesterday. I told my husband we would be working like crazy if we hadn't moved. Love that we have little to do outside. Plenty of things to do instead.

betty said...

Lots of work you guys did! Great to see the signs of spring too :) We don't change the time in Arizona, but some people's cell phones here did, LOL, making some people an hour early for work :)


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I'm happy to know that you are still on a weather winning streak. I hope Jack's chainsawing didn't disturb the slumbers of the Sasquatch in the nearby woods. It will be exciting to see pictures of the progress in your planting beds in the weeks ahead. I also look forward to seeing pictures of kiddos and grandkiddos gathered around the fire, roasting doggies (not Chubbs) and playing in the pool. It won't be long now!

Have a wonderful week, dear friend YaYa!

gin said...

You are a busy bee and such a motivator and inspiration for all of us to get up and get at it. Good job!

Rick Watson said...

It will be spring before you know it though our weather is supposed to get cooler by next weekend. I know there is more time in the evenings but I'm not a fan of DST.

Julia said...

I never like it when time changes. I wish they would go back to leaving the time be what it is. The trick is on us as we all get miserable. I like your way of celebrating with simple hotdogs and a bonfire. Clearing wood and branches is a big and messy job.
Your growing season is more advanced than ours.
Enjoy your week.

Sweet Tea said...

I envy you with that job behind you.
Most of the tree damage from our ice storm has been cleared away but
The yard is covered with sticks that must be gathered and flowerbeds to
be cleaned and mulched. Cant remember the last time I ate a hotdog that
Was cooked over an open fire. It sounds soooo good!

Kay G. said...

Yum, hot dogs taste better cooked over a fire! You can come and do yard work in my yard now! Have a great week!

dstarkey7 said...

Neat post Yaya! Phew!! You get a lot done in a day...that might have taken Larry and I 2 weekends...or 3...or 4...or..

Munir said...

I was disgruntled on that Monday too, but now I am enjoying the day a little longer.
Nice fire there.

Susan Anderson said...

Looks like you guys got a LOT accomplished. Well done!