Thursday, March 24, 2016

Just Some Thoughts

      I feel very far behind in posting and reading blogs. I'm trying to catch up and see what all my blog buddies are up too.  This week has been busy with the every day business of life.  I'm on call 2 days this week...Monday and today.  I worked a lot on Monday...logged almost 16,000 steps on Mr. Fitbit!  He called me a stepgeek. Remember, my Fitbit talks to me.  The weather is weird...warm, cold, wet, dry. As I type, the wind is howling and shaking the windows and rain is again on it's way.  Cold air will replace a 70de day for a chilly Good Friday.  Easter is a favorite holiday of mine.  As a kiddo it was celebrated with lots of church and lots of family and lots of special foods.  With a Greek heritage we would also celebrate Greek Easter with some of my Mom's family.  A lamb on a spit in the back yard in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" fashion.  Baklava and Spanikopita and many other favorites.  These days, in my own family,  we gather and celebrate with good food and fun activities.  The little ones love the annual egg hunt.  We'll be doing all of that a week later though as some of the kids are away on Spring break.  Jack and I will still celebrate on Sunday with Church and some good food though.   Greek Easter is May 1st this year so I'm not ruling out another celebration!  My Mom and sister in Chicago will celebrate with some of my sister's children in a similar fashion.  We take on the traditions of our youth and remake them into the traditions of adulthood.  I know my own kids have their own way of celebrating...keeping a few old and adding new.  It's a good thing.
       I don't write a lot about my religion on my blog.  My kids and friends and Church members know how I feel, what callings I hold in the Church,  how I worship on a weekly, daily basis.  As a Mormon it's not just a religious belief, it's a way of life.  I'm mentioning it today as my heart goes out for the families of the 4 Missionaries hurt in the Brussels bombings.  I remember when our son Craig was in Taiwan on his mission and how we worried and prayed for him and for his safety.  Every time an earthquake or typhoon hit, we waited patiently to hear about him.  Thankfully for those hurt this week they will recover but it won't be quick or easy.  These young kids and the older Missionaries put their lives on hold to give service and teach about the Gospel. Many don't want to hear their message, and many people can be mean and hurtful to them.  I hope the one Sister Missionary from France can get to her destination to start her mission...that would be right here in the Cleveland, Ohio mission.  I would love to meet her.  I hope this Easter season can bring some peace in this crazy world.  I hope we all can be kinder, more understanding.  I'm grateful to my Savior, Jesus Christ, for his gift...his sacrifice for me.  His sacrifice for all mankind.  Happy Easter.


Kim said...

Beautiful post Yaya. Happy Easter to you and your family. And don't forget a treat for Chubbs

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear Yaya!

Thank you for sharing these lovely thoughts as Easter weekend approaches. Seems like you and Mrs. Shady take roughly the same number of steps during the course of a day. I have started taking brisk 30 minute walks every other evening for aerobic exercise.

It warms my heart to think of your family following Easter traditions and adding new ones. In May I hope you will have the chance to spend Greek Easter with your dear mother. I share your dismay over the latest terror attacks and the loss of lives. Good men and women must stay the course and continue to work for peace and harmony around the world.

Ditto what Kim said about remembering to drop some Easter feast table scraps on the floor for Chubbs, accidentally on purpose. It would also be a kind gesture to take a dish out to the Yeti in the Creepy Woods. :)

Have a very happy Easter with your wonderful family, dear friend YaYa!

Becky Jerdee said...

Yes, I can't believe that Mormon missionary has been in so many places where terrorism struck...Boston Marathon and the Paris attack as well as this most recent one! All of this is making me so sad. But, still, I am hopeful as we (church choir) sing our Maundy Thursday anthems tonight, look forward to singing for the Easter Vigil on Saturday night, and Alleluias on Easter Sunday.

shortybear said...

bless you dear.

selvageedge said...

Your Easter traditions sound wonderful. I have a HUGE bag of plastic eggs from Bryn if you would like any for your egg hunt. I'd love to find a use for them.

betty said...

Amen about Jesus :)

I loved reading about roasting the lamb; got to say I've never been part of something like that with celebrating any holiday, but kind of neat it was a custom of your family for Easter.

I hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter!


Julia said...

Hi sweet Yaya. You have lovely traditions that you've kept alive and it good to keep them alive for future generations. The greeks sure know how to put out a feast and I love greek food since a friend introduced me to Greek food.
Prayers for those missionaries in Belgium and Happy Easter. It's hard to comprehend how this evil has been unchained on the world but good will prevail in the end. A very scary time.

I kind of lost my Mojo for posting on my blog once again. It just doesn't feel like it used to somehow. It's beginning to feel more like a chore.

Sweet Tea said...

Our Easter plans have changed, no special dinner, or Egg Hunt, or church, as we'll be traveling tomorrow,
but my heart is filled with the joy of Easter. Circumstances go haywire sometimes but the beauty & the
Reality of the resurrection is always present. Have a wonderful Easter, YaYa. "He is risen"!

Stacy Crawford said...

We have been talking a lot about Easter this week. What to do with our "old" kids...It's not the same with out the egg hunts and hype.

But when we get right down to it, the Savior is why we celebrate and we can do that at any age.

This world is becoming a scary place fast. I hope those missionaries heal quickly. They literally have the prayers of the world.

Rick Watson said...

Amen Yaya.