Sunday, March 27, 2016


Today would have to be put in the books as a perfect Easter day.   We had lovely blue skies and temps in the 70's.  Although we're going to celebrate next Sunday with the kids, we did have a lovely dinner with Phil and Jordan (with Eddy) joining us.  Phil  picked up his girls at their Mom's later on and we had a fun afternoon with them.
Our son Jack is headed home from his vacation in Alabama and we talked with Craig in Portland...all bases covered!  I talked with my Mom and my sister in Chicago. Unfortunately, Midge has been super sick all week. A rarity for her.  It throws you for a loop when you're not used to being ill.  She sounded better today and hopefully will be on her way to 100% this week.   I forgot to take any pics of our quiet gathering for dinner but the steaks Jack grilled were fabulous and the rest of the meal turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!  Here are just a few of the photos I did take:
Addy loves this little toy.  It makes sounds and moves like a live dog.
Chubbs was a little confused!
We took a walk in the Creepy woods and the girls decided they could knock over this burned tree trunk.  A few kicks and it was down. 
We were really looking at all the trees and how some were dead and others were scary looking, like this one!
You can see that even though we've had pretty nice weather lately, the trees are still bare and the woods is still pretty see through.  In a few months that will all be changed.
It always makes me smile when I see flowers that appear out of nowhere and bloom without any help from us in the middle of the woods.  Hope your day was as lovely as ours.  Happy Easter!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa!

I am very happy to know that you had fine weather in Ohio, Ashland, even though Easter came early this year. What a break! I am delighted to learn that you had Eddy over, connected with your mother and other family members around the country and hosted grandkiddos at the Pines. Addy is really getting big! I've been watching her grow for three years. Chubbs' reaction to that dog toy reminds me of our Toto. Over the years we bought her many battery powered dogs and cats and she always went crazy playing with them.

Thank you for sharing words and pictures from your perfect Easter Sunday, dear friend YaYa, and have a terrific week ahead. God bless!

betty said...

Such a great day it looked like you had; it really doesn't matter how many come to celebrate, as long as those that come to celebrate have a great time, and I think that is the case at your place today :)


Rick Watson said...

It looks like a beautiful Easter Day. Most of our trees are greening nicely but the apple tree, old and wise, is not buying in just yet.
Have a great week.

Rick Watson said...
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Stacy Crawford said...

It was a perfect Easter Day.

Julia said...

We had a beautiful Easter too. I love that you have green grass and a pretty young lady with her special puppy smiling on such a beautiful day. Funny seeing Chubb confused by the toy puppy. Spring daffodils are such happy flowers.

Happy Belated Easter. The Easter season last for a long time.

Kim said...

Great weather here too. I think I saw a hint of purple under some dead leaves. First crocus? Had to laugh at Chubbs - Millie was scared of those dog toys. I think Abby would eat one

Kay G. said...

Glad you got the good weather, we had a rainy Easter in the Atlanta area!!
I love those daffodils, I also love how you see them in the woods. I wonder if it means there used to be an old homeplace there?

shortybear said...

such a nice day.

acorn hollow said...

Your way ahead of us for spring.we have bits if spring green showing but that is it. Looks like a lovely day with the grands

Laurie said...

I love the picture of Addy with her hands on her hips! So grown-up. Lol.

Love your won't be long now. Blossom and blooms are on the way!